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New Pet Parent?

If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever).

Meet the Team

Alyssa K., Assistant General Manager

After taking a break from pursuing a medical career during the pandemic, I decided to take a job working with dogs for a summer as a canine coach; where my dog came for doggy daycare. Now here I am a year later, and I’m not looking back! In working with dogs I found my passion! I truly believe our motto, because working with our pups really does make every day I come into work the best day ever! I’m currently pursuing an MBA, but in my small amounts of free time between school and work, I enjoy reading geeky sci fi novels and hanging out with my pup KC the corgi.

Jackie H., Foundation Ambassador

I feel honored to represent the Dogtopia Foundation. By “fetching it forward”, it enables dogs to change the world by helping our community and bettering the lives of many. I feel that dogs are gifts that have been given to us, helping everyday to enhance our quality of life. Working at Dogtopia, I have been able to witness the joy, love, and support that pairs with the relationships between our furry friends & their families! To continue our mission, I will work to ensure the support and determination needed from our pet parents and our team here at Chester Springs Dogtopia!

Destiny V., Safety Officer

After working at Dogtopia for a while I can really see the value and importance of making sure that safety is our number one priority. Nobody wants to see a person or a dog get hurt under any circumstances, much less in an environment where people trust us to watch over their dogs for them. I’m proud and excited to be our facility’s Safety Officer where I can help to make every day the best day ever!

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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