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406 E Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

4.9 Star Rating - 162 reviews

I enjoy that I can view my dog anytime at the site.

The staff is so welcoming and encouraging. Their energy and helpful attitude is greatly appreciated. Love the activities planned and the ability to see my pooch on the webcam. The dogs seem happy active and engaged. The services offered are convenient, necessary and accessible. Dog health and well-being is seriously considered and thought out. Grateful the facility I use is close to work and centrally located. Thanks Dogtopia really love the ability to keep my dog looked after safely and actively engaged during my work days.

Professionalism of staff

Grooming services are excellent\\

My dog is enthusiastic when I drop her off and exhausted when I bring her home!

They are all genuine dog lovers and treat each one as their own. I really think mine smiles every time I tell him let’s go to daycare!


Staff is great with Gracie. Gracie recognizes her handlers and immediately goes to them to play.

Schedule flexibility

The staff is amazing!! They always great me and my dog with so much enthusiasm. I love being able to check in on her as well.

I loved the play area for my little 11 pound Bichon Frise. We bought her as a puppy during Covid and she never had the chance to socialize with other people or other dogs. And, she had never experienced a 3 day boarding. I watched her on the webcam while she made friends, acclimated and played with the other dogs. She loved it there and we plan to periodically have her stay again.

I love the concept of Dogtopia! The facility is open, bright and clean. The staff was extremely friendly and receptive to my dogs needs! Lola and I are excited to be part of the Dogtopia family!

Dogtopia of Columbus-Downtown

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