holiday pet boarding in commerce township mi

The holidays are wonderful, but also stressful.  And that stress can be just as bad for our pets as it is for us.  Holiday preparations turn your dogs world upside down, and even the best pet parents can feel overwhelmed with taking care of prep and pup. If this sounds like you, we have some tips to make your holiday safer and easier with your dog – and also offer you the opportunity to use our pet boarding to make your Thanksgiving simple and easy!

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

  1. Save the human food for humans- and keep your pup away! Don’t give in to those sweet pleading eye or that little bit of drool- human foods from the table like bones, chocolate, onions, garlic, alcohol, and anything fatty need to be kept away from your furry friend.  Small treats of turkey and unsweetened pumpkin are ok for your pup, so feel free to sneak them a few bites of that!
  2. No dumpster diving dogs!  The same instinct that makes them beg at the table is going to make them sneak a peak into the trash.  Keep your trash tucked away where your dog can’t access it, and keep a lid on it.  You’ll prevent digestive issues and emergencies that might require a trip to the animal ER.
  3. Freeze a Kong full pf pumpkin or peanut butter to keep your furry friend busy!  A busy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is less likely to be under foot and hanging around salivating in the kitchen or at the dining room table.
  4. Make sure that guests know not to let your dog out without supervision, and make sure that your dog is licensed and has a visible dog tag.  If you dog escapes, you’ll be glad you took this extra step- dogs with tags get home quicker!
  5. Set aside a safe space for your dog to stay in in your home- or, better yet, send them to your favorite pet boarding kennel! Setting aside a safe room for your buddy to stay in while you entertain is a good choice, as it keeps him safe from getting into trouble around the house or accidentally getting out.  If you don’t have a safe place for your pup to stay away in your house, boarding is a great option!

Pet Boarding Options for Peaceful Holidays in Commerce Township

holiday pet boarding in commerce township mi
Holidays are stressful – give your dog the gift of a peaceful Thanksgiving at Dogtopia!
There’s a really simple answer for pet boarding in Commerce Township – Dogtopia!  Your dog will love participating in our doggy day care while they stay her for dog boarding.  If you haven’t already booked a meet and greet, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible!  Holiday dog boarding spots fill up FAST, so contact us earlier rather than later to guarantee your pup a spot.