dog boarding for sibling dogs

Dog boarding, in an ideal world, should be a really positive experience for your dog despite them being out of their comfort zone.  It can be hard on them if they’re not used to being out of the house and away from their creature comforts (sofa, snackies, tv, etc).  But it can especially be hard for sibling dogs and bonded pairs.  Many dog boarding kennels keep dogs separated from eachother for liability reasons.  At Dogtopia, however, all of our dogs have been temperament tested and our room attendants trained in doggy body language and safety, so we’re proud to be able to let our boarding guests partake of our doggy day care.  This means dog boarding for sibling dogs and bonded pairs is much easier, since they’re able to play with their best friend and stay by their side.

Why Sibling Dogs Hate Conventional Dog Kennel Boarding

Conventional dog kennel boarding keeps dogs separated.  There are many valid reasons for this, chief among them being that it’s just plain safer for the dogs.  If they can’t get to eachother, there can’t be any fights and less chance of illness being spread.  However, for sibling dogs that have been raised together, this is a terrible choice.  Dogs are naturally at least mildly stressed when staying at a kennel for dog boarding, and keeping them away from their best friend adds to that stress in a major way.  This can lead your dog to acting out, having tummy problems, and more.  It’s a much safer and smarter choice for pet parents to do as much as possible to keep bonded dogs close to eachother when they’re staying away from home.

Why Sibling Dogs LOVE Dogtopia Dog Boarding

dog boarding for sibling dogs
Dog boarding can be tough on sibling dogs if they’re kept apart.
Sibling dogs and bonded pairs love Dogtopia because all of our dog boarding guests get to play together during doggy day care.  They might even meet a new friend or two!  Since we manage our play groups by size and play style, dogs often make new friends quickly and begin to look forward to coming in to Dogtopia.  if you’re considering boarding your dogs with us, we highly recommend bringing them in for several days of doggy day care prior to their boarding stay.  They’ll quickly get used to all the fun they have at Dogtopia during our open play time, and when they finally do stay overnight with us they’ll be less likely to be stressed.

If you’re planning a vacation in the future, we recommend reaching out at least month ahead of time to schedule your tour and a meet and greet with your pup.  Our dog boarding availability goes fast, so don’t delay!