puppy socialization in commerce twp mi

Getting a puppy is such a huge milestone, and new puppy parents are some of the most attentive, caring folks in the world. Everyone wants to ‘do the best’ for their new puppy!  When putting together a ‘to do’ list of things to do for your new puppy, puppy socialization should be high on the list.  Socialization ensures that your little one gets to know the world around them and develops manners and behaviors that help them succeed in being a good dog.

There are several ways to socialize your puppy, including:

  • Through puppy training classes
  • Free play time at dog parks
  • Scheduled socialization time with friends/family
  • Taking them with you to new places around town
  • Through doggy day care / puppy day care!

Each of the options above have their own merits.  Puppy training classes are great to teach you and your puppy a mutual ‘language’, making it much easier for you two to communicate effectively and strengthening the bonds between you.  It’s also a controlled environment that will allow your puppy to meet new people and other puppies, which helps your pup practice their newly acquired skills in a safe environment.

puppy socialization in commerce twp mi
Puppy socialization is fun at Dogtopia!

Dog parks are great fun, and offer a large space to run and play. A dog park allows your puppy to meet dogs on their own terms- sometimes good, sometimes bad.  While we love the dog parks in the area, like Karner Farms Dog Park, there’s an inherent risk in the play space of a dog park, since you don’t know the other dogs and have no idea what their temperament is.

Scheduled socialization time is wonderful, and absolutely necessary, for your family and friends to get to know your puppy.  The more your puppy sees your family and friends, the more they become family

puppy day care commerce mi
This little pup gets to play with another pup of the same temperament at our puppy day care.

and friends to them too!

Taking your puppy around town is a nice way to get your puppy used to new experiences.  Cars, bikes, loud noises, shopping carts, new people, new dogs- those are only a small chunk of what your puppy might encounter when walking around town with you! We recommend slowly exposing your puppy to these new things, and it works best when combined with puppy training.

Doggy day care / puppy day care is one of the best ways to socialize your puppy with other dogs.  Because puppy day care is in a supervised environment where all the dogs have been temperament tested, your puppy is far safer than they would be unleashed at a dog park.  At Dogtopia, our open play doggy day care allows your puppy to mingle with other pups of the same play style & size, helping your pup build their doggy manners all while getting much needed exercise.  This form of puppy socialization is easy and convenient for busy pet parents, as you’re able to get your pup’s socialization time in while you’re at work or otherwise occupied.

We love new puppies here at Dogtopia, and we encourage new puppy owners to contact us to schedule a tour and learn about the requirements and benefits of our puppy socialization day care. Call us at (248) 366-3066 to set up a time to stop by. Those pups enrolled in our doggy day care are first in line for puppy boarding too!