Take Your Dog To Work 2016 Doggie Day Care Commerce MI

Tomorrow is Friday, June 24, and besides the normal exuberance we feel for Fridays, we’re also excited to see that it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, the day is all about celebrating our wonderful canine companions, promoting the benefits of having dogs around and encouraging dog adoption. It’s a rolling holiday, always celebrated the Friday following Father’s Day. Large businesses like Pet Supplies Plus, headquartered here in Michigan, are actively encouraging dog owners to bring their pup in this Friday… but then again, they encourage them to bring their pup in EVERY Friday as an employee perk.

What’s really interesting about Take Your Dog To Work Day is how much it can illustrate the vast divide between pup-loving pet parents and those who’d rather avoid dogs in general.  In a 2013 column, a Slate writer described his experience with dogs at his workplace, which was as negative as you can imagine given the title of the piece, “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog“. He writes:

More Americans seek medical attention for dog bites than for choking or falls. You’re more likely to have to go to a doctor for a bite than to call the fire department for a home fire. Like it or not, American dog owner, your pet is a hazard.

But let’s leave aside the possibility that I’m scared (maybe legitimately!) of your dog, since you’ve assured me your dog loves people, and there’s no chance you could be wrong. What if I’m allergic? Or what if I just plain hate your dog? What if I think he’s dirty, since after all he did just put his nose in another dog’s butt? And what if I just want to go through my workday without being slobbered on by an animal?

Take Your Dog To Work 2016 Doggie Day Care Commerce MI
Would your dog like to go to work with you, or would they prefer doggie day care?

Not everyone loves dogs.  Heck, some dogs don’t even like other dogs!  Everyone has a right to their stance, and large employers are often leery of letting employees bring in their dogs daily for that very reason. Some people have an actual phobia of dogs (Cynophobia), and some have a distinct impression that dogs are dirty, smelly, etc (even if that’s not true!!). Many people have an allergy to pet dander, and some environments simply shouldn’t have shedding animals in it (would you like fur on your freshly prepared lunch at your local restaurant?). It’s understandable that dogs aren’t always welcome in the workplace- and luckily, there’s a better option.

Doggie day care is a great alternative to taking your dog to work with you.  Sure, you miss out on having that sweet face look up at you while you type away at your keyboard, and you might miss out on some fun antics throughout the day- but, your productively certainly won’t take a hit!  Some employers and employees allow dogs to be brought in specifically because employees are able to stay at work longer and worry less throughout the day knowing that their dog is safe and sound in the building with them. Those same people would likely LOVE being able to take their pup to a caring, safe doggie day care, particularly one that allows you to peek in on your pup via webcams in every play room.  Ultimately, the BEST benefit to taking your dog to doggie day care instead of to a day of work with you rests squarely on the benefit to your dog: they get to play, exercise, and socialize all day long!

We encourage busy pet parents to schedule a tour of our new, world-class facility in Commerce Township to see why we can say we’re a fantastic alternative to taking your dog to work.  Our doggie day care is always safe, always fun, and always a treat for you and your pup! Call us today at 248-366-3066 or stop by to check us out!