dog wash commerce township mi

We’re deep into seasonal shedding for most dogs in Michigan, and pet parents are absolutely loving the ability to bring their pup into Dogtopia for our DIY dog wash and spa! When Fido starts shedding, your home can quickly get overwhelmed by furry tumbleweeds, blowing in the wind of our ever-present air conditioning. You can brush as much as you like, and you’ll still probably have to deal with at least some shedding. When shedding is at its worst, Dogtopia’s self-serve dog wash is your best friend!!

dog wash commerce township mi
Sweet pups enjoy our dog wash in Commerce Township, MI

Many dogs don’t need to go to a groomer to be in tip-top shape for the summer. Instead, they need a thorough brushing and a nice, cooling bath. By using our awesome, standing height bath tubs, you’ll be able to easily wash your pup without having to kneel or bend. The washing and lathering will help their seasonal shed by loosening the fur, allowing you to rake out a good portion right there in our spa area. Imagine all that dog fur going into your own bathtub at home! Not only would it be a nightmare to clean, it would potentially clog the pipes. Because our bathing stations are built with dogs in mind, that’s not a fear at Dogtopia. After your pup is done getting scrubbed up, they will enjoy getting brushed and dried, lessening the effects of their seasonal shed even more. If your dog is experiencing itchiness too, it’s likely seasonal in nature – we have calming shampoos for that, or you can bring your own from home!

Keeping seasonal shedding at bay is a top concern among pet owners, and one of the top frustrations of pet parents. Our dog washing solution is an easy way to handle the excess shedding without ruining your bathroom and bathtub. If you’d rather have us wash your pup – we can do that too!  Our doggy daycare clients enjoy being able to have their

diy dog wash for summer shedding
Summer shedding is a major issue for dog parents, and one that can be rectified at Dogtopia

dogs cleaned up after a day of play, and we’re able to do that for non doggy day care clients as well. Stop in today!