dog training commerce township mi

Dog training is a wonderful way to build a solid, happy relationship with your dog – it’s no wonder we’re offering it at Dogtopia! Our Commerce Township location is part of our Michigan network of locations that Lynn Lico, former veterinary worker and dog training aficionado, will be working at to train dogs. Lynn has 25 years of experience, and she’s ecstatic about her extensive role in the Dogtopia doggy daycare universe. She says “Dog training isn’t just about teaching your dog to sit or beg – it’s creating a level of communication and understanding between dogs and their owners.” Her tailored programs will focus on the needs of the dog and the pet parents, and will include takeaways that allow owners to work to reinforce what has been learned at home.

Top Reasons To Sign Up For Dog Training


1)      Dog training strengthens your relationship with your dog and teaches them appropriate behavior, making them less likely to develop unwanted or dangerous behaviors that would frustrate the pet parents.

2)      You’re learning a language, and so is your dog. Just as people have problems in their relationships when communication breaks down, the same can be said about our canine friends. Learning how to effectively communicate is a huge step!

3)      Prevent family, friends, or anyone your dog/s encounter from getting molested, jumped on, harassed or bitten.

4)      Create a true companion that you can take confidently anywhere dogs are allowed in public.

5)      To instill a sense of pride and confidence in your pup, and vice versa. A trained dog is resilient and capable of handling new situations that may have formerly scared them.


More than anything else, enrolling in dog training is fun and ensures your doggy family member is a safe, happy, and well behaved member of your household. Dogtopia of Commerce is currently offering two programs, seen below:

Play + Train (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons):

  • Outside + inside playgroup romping and relief + breakfast and lunch service
  • 30 minutes personalized private training lessons
  • Email lesson summary and recommendations

Play + Train + Stay (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons + Overnight stay)

  • Outside playgroup romping and relief
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner service
  • 1 hour personalized private training lessons
  • All daycare playgroup and socialization
  • Email lesson summary and recommendations
  • Tuck in and cuddle time
  • Savings: discount from buying training and daycare in package deals

The main difference between the two is that with Play + Train + Stay, your dog will have consistency from day 1. Learning and reinforcement of lessons will go hand in hand, and that means results are achieved quicker. It’s an ideal solution for families or busy pet parents leaving town, as you can drop your dog off before a trip for their dog boarding and pick them back up with a new set of perfect manners! It’s a dream come true!

dog training commerce township mi
Dogs who undergo dog training are happier and more capable in a variety of situations.

Want to learn more? Contact us, and we’ll answer any questions you have.  We can’t wait to meet you and your pup!