dog boarding at a dog kennel commerce twp mi

The holidays are a joyous time for most families, with lots of travel and visiting planned. However, for your furry family members it can be a time of great stress. During the holidays many families book dog boarding at the dog kennel near them – and when it comes time for their dog to be boarded, their loving pup is confused by the new environment. Think about it from your dogs perspective:  they’re suddenly in a new place, with new smells and sounds. Their family has left them, and they don’t know when or if they’ll be back. They might be in a concrete run, listening to other dogs bark all day and night, seeing other dogs in the outdoor run through a fence. All this adds up to frustration and anxiety, which puts an incredible stress on your dog. Moreover, dogs, like people, suffer from the effects of stress, and can become more susceptible to getting sick or depressive/anxious behaviors. Not exactly something you want you furry family member to have to endure, right?

dog boarding at a dog kennel commerce twp mi
We use dog crates, seen in the background, for overnight dog boarding clients

The good news is that modern facilities are available, and have a much more suitable setup for your pup. At Dogtopia, we try to replicate the home experience for your dog. Our dog boarding clients sleep in dog crates like they would at home, and we encourage owners to bring in their dog bed, toys, and other comforting items. Because our overnight and extended stay dog boarding clients take part in our doggie day care during the day, they get all the exercise and outside time that they’d enjoy at home!

dog boarding services in commerce twp mi
Dog boarding clients get a full day of play and exercise during daytime dog daycare!

Most importantly, if you want to avoid the effects of stress on your dog, we strongly recommend bringing them in for a few days of doggie daycare prior to boarding them. This gets your pup used to our facility, being away from home and family members, and used to our staff and regular daycare clients. Before you know it, your dog will be looking forward to leaving home to come to Dogtopia! Regular sessions of dog daycare help your pup transition to an overnight stay because they’re comfortable with the environment and assured that you WILL be returning for them soon.

Our dog kennel is leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of safety protocol as well.  Because we are an open play environment, all doggy clients must pass a thorough

evaluation and vaccination check. This helps us ensure that your pup will enjoy their time at Dogtopia and keeps all of all doggy clients safe and healthy.

Is dog boarding at a dog kennel on your agenda this holiday season?  Come in for a meet & greet and buy a package of dog daycare sessions to get your pup used to the Dogtopia experience!