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If you follow any dog rescue organizations on Facebook or elsewhere, you know that many times dogs are abandoned or given away due to easily correctable behaviors. Unacceptable behavior shouldn’t be ignored or mishandled, otherwise it can easily turn into a much worse problem with your dog. That’s why selecting a great dog trainer is so crucial, and luckily we have one at Dogtopia!

Most every dog can benefit from dog training, and at Dogtopia our method of dog training incorporates our world class dog day care for added dog socialization. The benefits of dog socialization are immense, particularly as they fit into the training framework. All the additional exercise throughout the day helps prime your dog to listen and learn during training.

What Makes a Good Dog Trainer?

dog trainer dog trainer commerce two mi
Good dogs are born, great dogs are trained by a dog trainer!
A good dog trainer is one who uses humane, positive reinforcement training techniques. This technique takes time, but is the ideal way to ensure your dog learns and associates training with positive things. Stay away from trainers who use inhumane techniques or refuse to give rewards until the dog submits to a command. Training techniques should never use yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, yanking on the leash, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto his back), or other actions that terrify or cause pain.

Our dog trainers only use humane, positive reinforcement.  You can rest easy when your dog is at Dogtopia, because not only will they have an amazing day of doggy daycare, they’ll also be learning everything they need to know to be amazing at home.

Why Should I Use a Dog Trainer?

Not every dog is the same, and not every dog learns the same way & speed. Pet parents who may have had an amazing older dog that they trained at home may struggle with a

dog trainer in commerce twp mi
Lynn, our dog trainer, demonstrates a great sit with one of our doggy guests.

new puppy or a breed they’re unfamiliar with. Some people may just not have enough time or patience to go through the long process of training on a daily basis. That’s why the Dogtopia dog training program is so great – you’re able to drop your dog off for their day care, and pick them up later after they’ve been trained. We help you understand the process the entire way and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Using a Dogtopia dog trainer is ideal if your dog is:

-behaving in unacceptable ways

-if you don’t have the time to spend training your dog every day

-if you want a fool-proof way to have a well behaved, fully trained dog

-if you’d like your dog to brush up on their skills

Call us for dog training in Commerce Twp! We’ll tell you everything else you need to know about the program, and invite you to tour our facility and meet with a trainer.