dog day care commerce twp mi

You may or may not have heard the term “The Sandwich Generation”. The term is meant to reflect the sandwiching of parenting, work and personal obligations combined with the stressors of taking care of aging parents.  It’s said that roughly 10 to 16 million Americans are part of this highly stressed, time crunched crowd, a crowd that is increasingly trying to find ways to care for their loved ones and allow them some breathing room to handle work and everyday life.  A growing trend to help alleviate some of this caretaker pressure is day care- both for seniors and children, as well as the family pet!   Dog day care is increasing in popularity alongside other care services for the same reasons:  it’s a smart, responsible choice to ensure the happiness of family members and create flexibility in your schedule.

Dog Day Care Benefits in Commerce Twp, MI

Dog day care as a service benefits your dog in many the same ways as child day care benefits kids.  You dog craves social interaction and their personality benefits from it- open play dog day care is the perfect venue to increase socialization in a safe, clean environment.  A dog day care center like Dogtopia provides oversight & structure while still encouraging exercise through hearty pup play!  Busy pet parents can load their pup into the car alongside their children ahead of dropping them off for school, and at the end of the day pick everyone up, now tired and ready for a calm evening of family time. With your dog away at dog day care, you prevent unwanted, potentially disastrous behaviors from emerging while they’re unsupervised at home, which is a welcome relief for anyone who has gone through the ‘puppy teething’ stage or adopted a shelter dog with separation issues.


What To Expect From Dog Day Care

dog day care commerce twp mi
Nicole is enjoying the dog day care gym today ,taking selfies with Lexi ,Duke and Daisy outside :)!

You’ll start your day as usual, except that this time you won’t wave goodbye to your pups sad eyes- you’ll invite them along for a car ride!  Since they’ve already stopped into our facility for a meet & greet, they’ll be excited to see Dogtopia again.  When you come into our lobby you’ll be greeted by our awesome staff of dog lovers, and we’ll get your pup checked in to day care.  You’ll give us any special instructions for the day, leave, go off to work, and be able to use our web cams to check in on your buddy throughout the day. You’ll love watching your pup romp and play, knowing that they’re happy and getting exercise.  At the end of the day, you’ll come pick up your friend and note how happy and calm they are, something we like to call “Dogtopia tired!” If you requested a bath, your pup will even be squeaky clean and fresh for the car ride home.  Once home, your dog will likely make their rounds to greet the family, maybe have a meal, and fall into a deep, restful sleep after their day of play. Sounds like paradise, right?

If you, like many of us, are strapped for time and want the absolute best for your dog, Dogtopia is the answer.  Call us today to schedule a tour, we know you’ll love the difference dog day care makes in your life!