Dirty dogs, rejoice!  Your pet parents will have a much nicer option than struggling to wash you in a cramped, anxiety inducing bathtub. Our Dogtopia of Commerce location will be opening in early 2016, and one of our favorite features is our luxurious dog spa and DIY dog wash!

Dog spas are a little different than people spas – you won’t see Fido getting cucumbers placed over his eyes or taking a mud bath. Instead, our spa area is set up with easy access tubs, the absolute best dog shampoos and conditioners, and our team who will scrub your pup down. Need nails trimmed or teeth brushed? We can do that too! While we don’t currently offer full service grooming, for those pups who need a little freshening up, our dog spa is a great option!

Our DIY dog wash in Commerce is sure to be a big hit! You’ve asked, and we’ve listened – many pet owners don’t need the assistance of our team to get their pup clean, and instead want to be able to take their dog someplace with easy access dog wash tubs to handle their dog cleaning needs themselves. No problem at Dogtopia! Our dog wash tubs are human height, making it easy to wash your dog without having to kneel or bend over your tub at home. With easy access up the steps to the tub, there’s no strain of trying to pick up your pup (sometimes a really cumbersome and dangerous ordeal when you have a bad back or a very large dog!), as they can just walk right in. Your dog won’t be able to jump out of our tubs either – there’s a handy clip to attach your dog to the tub, so they stay put while getting the spa treatment. You can bring your own shampoo if you want, but many find it much more convenient to use our shampoos and conditioners – there are many to pick from! What pet parents love the best is that this all happens away from home in a safe, comfortable environment – eliminating the mess and hassle of washing your dog at home.

If your pup is a doggy daycare client, it’s even more convenient – we can arrange to have them washed and dried before you come to pick them up after a romping good time at doggy daycare! A tired, happy dog who also is fresh smelling and clean? Sign me up! No reservations are needed, but we do recommend you call in prior to stopping in to see if anyone is ahead of you at the dog spa.