doggie daycare commerce charter township mi

A Dog’s Perspective on a Day of Doggie Daycare

What a great day! My person put my leash on me this morning and asked me to hop in her car.  I was scared but excited! When we drove past the exit for the vets office I knew I was in for a treat! We’re going to my favorite place today, and I’m going to get to see all of my friends!

I jumped out of the car when we pulled up, and almost knocked over my person. She gave me a look. L But, we were finally here! I stepped inside and sniffed everything I could get to, making sure to read the ‘messageboards’. I could tell there were a lot of dogs here already! My person stood at the counter and talked to the nice lady that lives here, they call her a ‘manager’. They smiled at each other and  said some things, and then my person passed the leash to the manager lady. I started wagging my tail fast and furious as she petted me and took me further into the building, where I could hear other dogs.

doggie daycare commerce charter township mi
Everybody likes to greet eachother and play around when we’re in the room together!

The manager lady opened a door and I ran into the room, and sure enough there were my friends! Other dogs were already sniffing and playing, and I recognized some smiling faces. They came up to me and said hello, and then we were off! I was running around the room doing ‘zoomies’ and they were chasing me, but of course I was too fast. I love that they can never seem to catch me, I think I might be the fastest dog in the world.

Before I knew it, it was time for us to go outside. The nice lady that lives in the room with us opened the door to the hallway, and we all trotted out into the nice big

dog outdoor dog kennel commerce charter twp
Our dog day camp has a great outdoor area! Weird grass!

open yard.  The sun was out and so warm and nice!  This place has funny grass, not like my yard where I can dig it up.  It’s still really nice, it’s soft on my paws.  My friends and I horsed around and climbed some of the play equipment out there.  There were some new pups here today, and because I know this place so well I felt it was my job to supervise them. They were just the right level of rambunctious and fit right into our group!

We finished up outside time, and I was dog tired.  Luckily, it was time for some food and a nap! I was happy to go into a crate (I picked my favorite one by the corner), and when the lady put a bowl of my food in the crate I was excited to wolf it down.  A few minutes later I fell asleep, and I’m pretty sure everybody else did too, it was really nice and quiet.

Sometime later I woke up and, feeling refreshed, I was ready to party (or should I say ‘pawty’!)! The nice lady let us all out of our crates and we sniffed and started running around.  I really put on some speed after a nice nap!  I can burn some rubber in that room because the floor is nice and soft on my paws, and

I get a lot of traction.  It’s much nicer than the slippery hardwood and tile floors at home- but don’t tell my person I said that!

I could tell the sun was starting to set and that meant my day at doggie daycare was almost over.  I was a little sad to leave my friends, but I really like being with my person and I know she likes to treat me to something special so I’m sure I’ll be back soon.  The manager lady came and got me and took me to the front, and sure enough there was my person!  I showered her with attention, and I was so excited to see her.  She seemed pretty excited to see me too.  When we walked out I wagged my tail and smiled at one of my friends who was leaving with his person.  I know we’ll see eachother again, and that makes me happy.

When we got home, my person gave me my dinner and we spent some time together.  But boy, was I pooped!  I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a few minute later.  All the exercise felt really good, and it was such an exciting day that I must’ve worn myself out.  All in all though, a day like today doesn’t get much better!

dog day care dog tired commerce charter twp
Everybody is tired after a day of playing! #dogtopiatired is the hashtag they use. I’m not sure what a hashtag is, but it sounds delicious.