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Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean your dog can’t get the exercise they need! Dog day care at Dogtopia is an ideal way to get your pup the mental, emotional, and physical stimulation that keeps them happy and healthy.

People and their dogs both need physical activity to fight obesity, and there are many exercises that owner and pet can do together that can improve their health and their relationship, according to a Kansas State University veterinary expert Dr. Susan Nelson

“Obesity is a big problem in pets, just as it is with people, and exercising helps keep the dog’s weight down,” Nelson said. “Dogs also need an outlet to relieve their energy or else they may develop destructive behavior. Your dog is going to be happier and more content if it receives adequate exercise.

January is right around the corner, and the cold weather often signals the end of major play and long walks for dogs in Michigan. However, that doesn’t need to be true- if you live in southeastern Michigan, we have 3 convenient locations ready to take your dog in for a riotous day of doggy daycare, where they will get all the exercise they need to keep healthy through the cold, dark winter months. Additionally, our indoor open-play environment keeps your dog safe from the dangers of exercise outdoors – dogs, like humans, can experience frostbite, and since they can’t tell us what’s wrong it’s often hard to figure out just how badly the cold has affected them.

Commerce residents will be happy to know we’re planning on opening out 4th location in Commerce during the winter of 2016. That means that our rough winters won’t be nearly as unbearable for you and your pup because you’ll have the option of dropping them off for doggy daycare in Commerce! You’ll love the difference it makes in your dogs overall well-being – a tired dog is a happy dog, and one that’s calm and collected when at home with their family at night.  With half days of dog daycare available as well, it provides a range of opportunities for busy pet parents to keep their dog exercised and prevent them from going stir-crazy from being cooped up all winter.

Think your dog is just fine sleeping on the sofa all day? Think again – there are published guidelines giving estimates of how much exercise a dog needs to keep them healthy:


  • In general, larger and working dogs have higher energy needs, and smaller/toy breeds need less exercise.
  • Ideally, dogs should get out twice daily for exercise. Times may vary from 15-60 minutes, depending on your individual pet.
  • Turning the dog loose in the backyard isn’t enough — aerobic exercise should be continuous with few breaks. Most dogs are content to lie in the sun and only get up for short periods of activity. If the dog has another dog it can run around with outside, that could be sufficient if they spend long periods of continuous play, but don’t rely upon that in most circumstances.