why you should pick dogtopia for dog day camp

When you were a kid, didn’t you LOVE day camp? It gave you the opportunity to run around with kids your own age, kept you busy with activities, and was all around fun. Your parents loved it too- you’d come home worn out from playing and socializing all day, which meant it was easier to get you to eat your dinner, get cleaned up, and get to sleep at a normal hour.

Well, the same holds true for dog day camp. When our new Dogtopia of Commerce location opens in early 2016, doggy campers will be able to enjoy our open play environment, socializing with other dogs of the same size and temperament. It’s been well established for a long time now that doggy daycare/dog day camp is a wonderful way for dogs to get exercise and stimulation, providing that they’re the kind of dog that actually likes dog daycare. Not sure if your pup would love it? We urge you to contact us to schedule your tour of our facility and your pup’s meet and greet. During the meet and greet our trained team will be able to assess your dog’s play style & comfort level with our open play concept.

When it comes to finding a facility for your dog to enjoy, it pays to be just as choosy as you were when deciding on where to send your child for day camp. You’ll want to take your time touring the facility, making sure that it’s the best possible scenario for your pup. Pay close attention to air quality, flooring (steer clear from hard concrete or polished linoleum, as they tend to be hard on feet and joints when dogs are playing on them!), trained staff, the availability of web cams for remote viewing of your pup, and security and safety protocol to make sure your dog has the safest possible play space. At Dogtopia, we take great pride in the lengths we go to to make sure every guest has the best possible experience, and we’re happy to walk prospective pet parents through all the details of what make us a great fit for your dog. Some of those details include:

  • The best air cleaning system to ensure clean fresh, healthy air (seriously, hospitals would be jealous!)
  • Trained, attentive staff that go through a rigorous educational period to make sure we always have top-level trained individuals working with our dogs
  • Remote viewing web cams to see into our open play dog day care spaces (there’s even a convenient app!)
  • Rubberized, padded flooring with antimicrobial qualities- soft of the feet & joints, clean as a whistle!
  • Security protocol for each play space, heavily enforced. Have a dog that just loses it when someone is at the door? Don’t worry- that potentially volatile situation is addressed by our superior security protocol, so we prevent issues before they happen!

Before you bring your pup in, you’ll need to make sure your vaccinations are current – just another thing we enforce to make sure your dog, and all of our other clients, are safe at our facility. Ready to get started at dog day camp in Commerce? Contact us today and we’ll call you as soon as we open our doors!