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Commerce residents: do you prefer a dog walking service, or doggy daycare?

If you answered “dog walking service,” why is that? The two main reasons people cite: that it’s cheaper & they get more exercise. But, is that actually true?

First, let’s explore price. The average price in Michigan, and in particular, the Commerce area, for dog walking is $15 and $25, depending on the length of time for the walk. Most dog walkers recommend a 30 minute session, and top out at 45 minutes. Not terribly expensive, but is it actually cheaper on a per minute basis than dog daycare? Let’s do some math:

Our dog daycare standard full day session is $31. Definitely higher than the $25 for 45 minutes of dog walking, but not by much.

$31 divided by 8 hours of day care = $3.87 p/hour

$3.87 divided by 60 minutes = $.064 p/minute

$.064 multiplied by 45 (minutes) = $2.88 p/ 45 minutes of day care

Eye opening, isn’t it? When you break down the cost, it’s infinitely more affordable on a per/minute or even per/hour basis to pick doggy daycare!

Now, for those folks who say their dog gets more exercise through a dog walking service, let’s examine an average day at doggy daycare at Dogtopia!

At 7am, pet parents begin dropping off their pups. Open play runs from drop off time to noon, at which time the dogs settle in for some scheduled rest. After their rest period, they’re right back to open play for the remainder of the afternoon before their parents pick them up. So, all in all, dogs have well over 5 hours of sustained play and activity every day at doggy daycare! Can you even imagine a dog walker walking your pup for 5 hours?!

Additionally, besides just exercise, doggy daycare provides mental and emotional stimulation for your dog, which makes them happier and healthier overall. We all know that dog socialization is key to a well adjusted pup, and often that’s missing from the dog walking experience.

So, after an examination of the fact above, would you still prefer dog walking over dog day care services? We welcome the opportunity to show you our new Commerce location when we open in 2016, and we’re convinced you’ll find that we’re the better choice for you and your pup!