dog boarding near me commerce twp mi

Time is fast approaching that dog boarding near me will be completely booked- if you haven’t reserved your spot yet, now is the time!

Booking holiday dog boarding can be stressful, especially since dog boarding kennels often start filling up in September.  As a newer, larger location, we still have some space available, and we invite you to come in for a tour to see how our dog boarding experience is unlike anything else you may have experienced before.

Our boarding services include:

-open play doggy day care

-attentive staff dedicated to ensuring your pup is getting exercise and socialization for the duration of their stay

-private boarding rooms for dogs that crave alone time

-web cameras so you can check in on your best friend throughout the day

The value is easy to see for our boarding services.  Because your dog will participate in our award-winning open play doggy daycare, you’ll be able to rest easy that your pup isn’t sitting somewhere missing your family.  On the contrary, as much as your dog loves you, they’ll love hanging out and playing with our staff and the other dogs staying with us!

During the holidays, it’s especially useful to book dog boarding, even if you plan on staying home or doing a ‘staycation’. When family and friends are coming in and out of your house during festivities, they create an

dog boarding near me commerce twp mi
Dogs love our dog boarding because they can participate in our doggy day care as well!

anxiety inducing situation for some dogs, and opportunities for something to go wrong.  Small children pulling fur, doors to the outside being left open, delicious (and dangerous) treats being dropped or left within reach- all of these are factors to consider when making the choice to keep your pup around during festivities.  Your loving, wonderful dog can easily be overwhelmed by everything happening around them.  It’s a much safer option to either put them in dog day care for the day, or board them overnight.  And when you do it with Dogtopia, you can even opt to have us feed your pupper Thanksgiving dinner!  Ask our team about our Thanksgiving special.

Are you ready to book dog boarding?  Call us today! 248-897-0300

  • toy breed dog boarding commerce twp mi

    A room attendant showing our toy breed clients some love during the open play portion of their dog boarding stay

  • Australian shepherd dogs are so beautiful, and these action packed pups love staying with us for boarding!

  • High energy and loving portuguese water dogs love our dog boarding and dog day care

  • aussie dog boarding commerce mi

    Aussie dogs pose so pretty, right? These high drive dogs love open play doggy day care during their dog boarding.