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Halloween is a scary time of year for sure – skeletons, witches, ghosts, and more!  And if YOU think it’s scary, just imagine how scary it is for your puppy!

Understanding Halloween From Your Puppies Perspective

Dressing Up Your Puppy For Halloween

Some pups don’t mind being dressed up – some even seem to like it!  However, you need to be aware that your pup can be in serious danger when wearing a dog costume.  Costumes can cover their eyes, reducing their vision and making things even scarier for them.  Some costumes can become a hazard if the pup gets caught on something and panics, putting them at risk for serious injury.  There are also issues with costume fabric rubbing and causing skin irritation.  That’s why we recommend that pet parents put costumes on their pups only under close supervision, and limit the wearing of costumes at night when there’s a chance that their vision might be impacted.

How Will Your Puppy React To Strangers

Your puppy is just getting used to the world, and your home is likely the center of their universe.  By now hopefully you’ve started puppy socialization at a Dogtopia location so that your pup is able to understand the world around them and knows what kind of behavior is expected.  However, all bets are off when strangers with scary costumes and facepaint are coming to your house, knocking on the dog!  Even a well socialized puppy can become incredibly fearful when strangers are knocking repeatedly and yelling outside the door.  The last thing you want for your new furry little friend is a really negative experience, especially as it pertains to kids and strangers at your house.

Why Puppy Boarding Is a Smart Choice

puppy boarding near me in commerce township mi
Dogs might love dress up, but they don’t always love strangers coming to the house! Puppy boarding is a quick fix to help your dog through the holiday.
Puppy boarding on Halloween is a smart choice for busy pet parents.  If you’re taking your children out trick or treating, you need to keep your eyes on them- not on your pup.  If your puppy stays at Dogtopia, they’ll be able to wear their cute costume under our teams watchful eyes, and they’ll be safe while doing so.  You can check in on them via web cam or pick up a picture of them in their costume!