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Very well informed and transparent staff. I have a great deal of experience with not only doggy daycares but also am a retired MWD handler. Although I have only had my personal dog to Dogtopia of Fairfield for a half day so far, I like what I saw. We are from out of town but live part time in Fairfield…I will be back! Thank you for treating my new and shy pup to Dogtopia with such sensitivity.

Love the personal care and attention that both fur patents and fur babies get!

Friendly, trustworthy

Friendly knowledgable staff, clean facility.

We appreciate the opportunity to drop in to use your services as needed. We love being able to tune in to the webcam to see how Brad is doing from time to time, although there often seem to be some problems with the camera. Sometimes it is turned off or not working and other times the picture seems to freeze periodically. We like the very friendly greeting Brad always get when he arrives. Brad is a rescue who did not seem to have a lot of social experiences so we’re very happy to have found a place nearby where he can begin to learn to interact with other dogs his size. Watching him on camera it doesn’t seem like he has built relationships with other dogs, but when we take him for walks we can see that he is making progress because he seems less reactive and even more interested in dogs that we pass by. I can understand why it’s easier to have indoor playrooms that are easily cleaned up, but I wish you also had some outdoor spaces where the dogs could play. We always feel that Brad is in good hands when we leave him at Dogtopia when we travel.

Amazing staff who treat out pup like he is their own! We love Dogtopia!

Customer focused, friendly, and welcoming. I feel like they are looking out for the best interests of my dog!! Super responsive.

Staff was friendly and enthusiastic! For a meet and greet I felt confident leaving my dog with the crew. Environment was clean and organized. Our dog is looking forward to his next visit!

The staff was incredibly welcoming and clearly cares about the dogs that visit! The facility was designed for maximum safety, functionality, and comfort. Impressive in every way.

Clean facility, nice staff, webcams!

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