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115 17th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1H3

4.9 Star Rating - 43 reviews

webcam and no appointment necessary

Friendly personal, web cam, and the dog liked her day

Quality of dog care! I felt Nina loved the day with you.

We took our dog Mika there for a nail trim, but called ahead of time to ask if they would be okay with a difficult dog when it comes to nail trims. The woman on the phone confidently said they were so we brought her in. Upon arrival we were greeted very warmly and we instantly felt like Mika would be in good hands! we loved that there were cameras for us to watch her getting her nails done, and it showed how much the staff at dogtopia really care about our pets and are confident in their skills! We loved the transparency and Mika did not feel stressed at all. We were super impressed and would definitely bring her back here :). Thank you so much for giving us such a good first impression!

They are very friendly.
They use dog friendly cleaning products.
I know my dog is well taken care of.

The wonderful staff

My dogs are very anxious and shy around new people and places but the employees tried to make then as comfortable as possible. It was a positive experience for them, unlike some previous groomers. Thank you so much!

I have a dog that is extremely nervous from an abusive background. I was nervous about bringing her to get her nails done but the staff member treated her like she was her own. Gave her reassurance that she was okay and wasn’t in harms way. 10/10 all the way! Experiences like these help her gain confidence again with people.

It’s very apparent that the staff genuinely cares about all the dogs that are brought in, whether for a grooming or at the daycare.

I love the fact the I can watch my dog on the webcam and see how she’s doing throughout the day.

The staff are great at accommodating my dog’s needs each day – whether it be time alone to adjust before playing, or spending the day with the smaller dogs instead of the ones her size.

I appreciate getting a report card and sometimes even verbal reports of how my dog’s day went.

Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary

Are you looking for a safe and fun place to leave your pup when you can’t be with them? Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary is your one-stop shop! We are the premier destination  for dog daycare, boarding and spa services.  Our mission is to make sure our four-legged clients have a fun-filled time when they stay at our fully-equipped, spacious facility.

We realize how important your dog’s safety is; that’s why our team is highly trained.  You can rest easy knowing that you’re leaving your pup in very capable hands!