Downtown Evanston Pricing


Enrollment Plans

1 Day Per Week $41
2 Days Per Week $77 ($38.50/day)
3 Days Per Week $108 ($36/day)
Unlimited Daycare $176


Full Day $45
Half Day / Weekend Day $25 / $30

All enrollment plans require a 2-week cancellation notification.  A weekly freeze fee of $15 will be applied for weeks when you choose to pause your enrollment package.  Our loyalty program offers benefits regarding the freeze fee.

Each dog must have its own plan. If sibling dogs are enrolled, please inquire regarding a volume discount for our unlimited plan.

Additional daycare days can be added as needed at your plan’s Extra Day rate.

All enrollment plans provide access to our awesome Loyalty Program.

All plans (EXCLUDING Unlimited) require reservations.

Approval of reservations will be prioritized for dogs who are part of an enrollment program. Weekly attendance contributes to a fun and safe playroom for dogs and coaches. This regular attendance reinforces familiarity with open play and the strong relationship with both their Canine Coach and the other dogs in the room.

In order to avoid a late cancellation fee of $10 or a no-show fee of your full daycare rate, cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance, as space is allotted for each reserved pup. Our loyalty program does provide additional cancellation time-frame benefits.

Half days are 7am-noon Monday-Friday (afternoon half days are not available).

  • 10% military, first responder & senior citizen discount



Enrolled $25 + Daycare Day
Unlimited Enrollment $20 + Daycare Day


Enrolled $30 + Daycare Day
Unlimited Enrollment $25 + Daycare Day

To help keep our playrooms fun and safe for everyone, boarding is available to dogs who have visited daycare at least 3 times in the month prior to a boarding stay and are part of a weekly enrollment plan.  This ensures that every dog is familiar with open play and has a strong relationship with both their Canine Coach and the other dogs in the room.

In order to avoid a late cancellation fee for a reserved boarding stay, please cancel 72 hours in advance. 48-72 hour notice results in a $20 charge, 24-48 hour notice is 25% of boarding charge and less than 24 hour notice is 50% of boarding charge.  A no-show for a reserved boarding stay results in a full boarding charge.

The latest daily boarding check-in time is 2:30pm. This allows your pup to have plenty of playtime prior to dinner and bedtime.

  • 10% military, first responder and senior citizen discount



Bath & Brush Starting at $50 for small dogs, $60 for medium dogs & $65 for large dogs
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Blow-dry
  • Brush-out
  • Nail Trim/Grind
  • Ear Cleaning


Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning/Brushing $5-$10
De-Shed Treatment Starting at $5


Nail Trim / Grind $15
Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning/Brushing $12
Ear Cleaning $12
Paw Balm $12
Brush-Out Starting at $15

Save on Spa treatments by getting your pup into a hygiene routine.

Monthly - Save 15%
Bi-Weekly - Save 20%
Weekly - Save 25%

Additional discounts are not available for spa services (military/first responder/senior citizen)

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