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Friendly staff

The staff is great and my dog loves it there!

It is easy to schedule an appointment, the staff is so nice, and my dog loves it there. He is always worn out when I pick him up.

I like it all!!!

I received an email that my dog needed updated vaccines- which she got. I was not going to be dropping my dog off the last time, so I emailed back and attached the documents and asked for a response that the document was received (which was done). But then I called to change the reservation and the person in the phone said I needed to update her records. I explained I had already sent in the records by email. They asked for my vet name and said they would request the records…”don’t worry” they said…
Then my friend drops my dog off and they STILL didn’t have the records (which I find almost impossible at this point since they were sent twice). The staff said they were going to keep my dog crated until they could get the records. My friend contacted my vet herself and had the records sent, thankfully.
The office staff needs to get their act together, or an easier way to organize records where staff can easily find them and see they are up to date.
Really wish there was a cage free facility in FC.

Very warm and welcoming from the first minute entering! Friendly staff, clean and happy environment…perfect for our pup!

Friendliness of staff. The staff seems to genuinely care for each dog and appear focused on their purpose for giving time and energy to multiple dogs in daycare.

My pup leaves happy and tired after a half day stay. I appreciate the ability to check in on my pup’s activity through the webcam access.

The facility appears clean and bright, which instills feelings of confidence in dogtopia being a healthy environment for my pup.

Dogtopia is so good with every dog dealing well with tired pups, grumpy pups and overly playful pups. I have three dogs with different personalities and all three are comfortable and excited to enter Dogtopia.

Your staff was well trained in how to make a dog comfortable, and everything was very clear/transparent. The facilities were also clean.

Friendly, visible, great care.

Dogtopia of Fort Collins

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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