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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Holiday Boarding Reservations are in Full Swing at Dogtopia!  Schedule your pup’s boarding today.

Preparing for travel can be stressful (especially during these COVID times), but planning your furry family member’s accommodations shouldn’t be. At Dogtopia of Fort Lauderdale – Northeast, we provide your pup with a comfortable, fun place to stay while you’re away. Our Pet Parents consider Dogtopia their pup’s home away from home!

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that dogs need socialization, exercise and attention to thrive. That’s why we incorporate these three aspects into our boarding services. During their stay, your pup will enjoy a full day of open play and socialization with like-minded dogs and plenty of love and attention from our certified Canine Coaches. Your fur baby will enjoy their stay so much, their tail will be wagging the next time you pull up to Dogtopia!


Dogtopia is an open-play environment. This means that the dogs are not crated during the day, but rather enjoy supervised play in a safe group setting with other dogs of similar size and play style. They are in open play from 7am until noon. From noon to 2pm, the dogs go into their homestyle crates for a nap (and for lunch, if your dog gets fed at noon). Then from 2pm until 6pm, the dogs once again enjoy fun and exercise in our supervised playrooms.  At 6pm, the dogs get dinner, rest for a bit, and then enjoy more open play before bedtime.

The dogs go down for a nap from 12 to 2pm because the dogs do better when they get a mid-day break. Otherwise, there is so much action and fun going on in the playroom that they might not take a nap on their own, and a group of dogs is like a group of toddlers—they can get antsy if they don’t get a mid-day nap. By giving the dogs a break at noon, they are rested and raring to go again by 2pm, and happily play the rest of the afternoon into evening, burning off all their remaining pent up energy.

When dogs board with us, they generally spend the night in the same home-style crates within the playroom they spent the day in, so they are in a familiar setting. Of course, we have special suites if you’d prefer your dog to have a more private, deluxe environment, but we have found that the dogs are generally less stressed when they sleep in the same room in which they’ve played with their friends all day.

The dogs are fed in the evening after the daycare dogs go home at 6pm, and allowed to play (or just lounge) until it’s time for bed.


At Dogtopia of Fort Lauderdale – Northeast, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable space for all our pups, which is why we require all dogs to undergo a personal Meet & Greet before scheduling their stay. This will help our team determine whether your dog is the right fit for our off-leash, open-play environment.

We ask that all dogs that board with us be up to date on vaccinations and be free from fleas, ticks and any contagious diseases. If you have a puppy, your puppy must be at least three months old and current on all required vaccinations. Dogs seven months or older must be spayed or neutered.

Is it your pup’s first time at Dogtopia? We recommend at least three days of daycare prior to your dog’s boarding stay if possible. This will help your pup get familiar with the playroom, other pups, and our fun-loving staff. Most importantly, it shows them that you will be back to pick them up and Dogtopia is an enjoyable, temporary place to stay!


Look forward to picking up a clean and fresh-smelling pup after your time away by adding a spa service to your dog’s boarding stay. We offer plenty of different spa packages that can be integrated into your dog’s stay. Your pampered pup will be clean, clipped, fresh and ready to jump into your arms!

For more information or to book your dog’s boarding stay, please call us at 954-289-4330 or fill out our contact form.

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