We are continuing to operate on normal business hours! Please make use of our curbside Drop-Off/Pick-Up concierge service through the menu on our Dogtopia App or give us a call! Thank you very much for your patience!

Gainesville Pricing

Dog Daycare


1 visit $35
5 day pass $32/day
10 day pass $31/day
20 day pass $30/day
30 day pass $28/day
Sat., Sun. or Half Day $20
One Month Unlimited* $500

*Monday – Friday only for one calendar month

Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding $55/night

All boarding includes daycare

Multi-night and multi-dog discounts available.

Boarding fee of $55 for one full day/night until 12pm the next day.  After 12pm pick up will be charged an additional $35 daycare charge.

Dog Spa

Please contact us for pricing for our grooming services as it is dependent on breed, size and coat condition.