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5 Day Pass: $125 or $25/day
10 Day Pass: $240 or $24/day
20 Day Pass: $460 or $23/day
30 Day Pass: $660 or $22/day

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

At Dogtopia, we’re a unique breed. We love and care for your pup like they are our own. We realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of quality care.

Similar to a child’s daycare, we provide recurring daycare for your dog, providing safe socialization, education and exercise. We firmly believe that every dog deserves daycare! We will provide progress reports through report cards and conversations with you as a caring pet parent. Besides providing a safe environment for your pup, Dogtopia is known for treating your pup to their Most Exciting Day Ever!

The facility was designed with the assistance of a professional dog behaviorist, an environmental biologist, and a veterinarian to be a safe and happy environment for your dog.

Dogtopia’s Difference

For many pet parents, leaving their furry family member for the first time can be a stressful experience. Dogtopia’s professionally trained team goes the extra mile to calm both dogs and their parents. We’ll care for your pup as if they’re our own and treat them like the really big deal they are!

At our dog daycare facilities, we treat your pup to fun-filled days of safe socialization with other dogs, interactions with our caring team, exercise, and the opportunity to burn off plenty of their pent-up energy.

At Dogtopia, your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost priority. That’s why we have a number of safety protocols in place such as full walls, certified Canine Coaches, pet-friendly cleaning supplies, floors made from compressed rubber to reduce the impact on the pads of dog’s feet, joints and hips, soundproofing throughout to keep nervous dogs at ease, separate HVACs to maintain fresh air circulation and a climate-controlled environment.

Need a cuteness fix? You can easily check in on your furry family member throughout the day via our playroom webcams using your computer or smart phone.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare

Wanting to be social is deeply instinctual for dogs; that’s why we integrate open play with others into their daily routine. Regular playtime with other dogs has numerous benefits, including:

  • Being more comfortable around dogs and people
  • Staying physically fit. Pet obesity is a growing concern; according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of dogs are obese
  • Learning positive behavior, leading to less doggie mischief at home
  • Finding their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)

With Dogtopia, your furry family member will learn how to be a well-balanced canine citizen. Each new dog gets a report card at the end of the day detailing their behavior, who they made friends with, and how well they interacted with the team and other dogs. We also provide our regular customers with frequent updates on their dog’s temperament


Open play helps dogs practice good behavior, make new furry friends and become a well-balanced pup.


Getting plenty of playtime enhances dog health and longevity, leaving furry children happy and relaxed.


Dogs learn how to behave in social situations and be more comfortable around new dogs and people.


We realize how important it is for you to feel safe leaving your dog with us; which is why our team is trained in recognizing and supporting good behavior and socialization skills.

We welcome all breeds of dogs at our facilities; they just need to pass our meet and greet evaluation

To find out more, please fill out our contact form. Our friendly team will be more than happy to find the dog daycare package meeting you and your dog’s needs.

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