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Why have a job when you can have a career? Now consider a career where you get to work with dogs every day and you’re starting to get a glimpse of what Dogtopia has to offer.

Whether it’s being an in-room attendant or as we call them, Canine Coaches, or managing customer relationships and building emotional connections with pet parents, we have a job that works for you. We’re committed to ensuring that our dogs have the most exciting day ever and that your career is one of the most exciting ones you will ever have.

We are also committed to training you in your career so that you can grow and develop your skills. Through online courses and hands-on learning, we’ll teach you all you need to know about understanding dog behavior and dog language. You’ll work closely with managers, Rovers, and other Canine Coaches to develop your dog knowledge base. You’ll learn to use all the tools we have available to ensure that you’re comfortable in the room with several dogs, know the personality profile of each dog and cannot only manage them but also make them better canine citizens through exercise, education, and socialization.

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We are always looking for energetic and motivated people to join our team!

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