Dogtopia’s facility offering dog day care in Lafayette CO has proven to be one of the most popular new businesses in town as people realize the quality offered by our award-winning, nationwide company. We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff of true professionals who love dogs and know how to properly take care of them. If you are looking for a place to keep your beloved companion while you are away for the day, we simply cannot be beaten.

How Our Dog Day Care in Lafayette CO is Different

Our staff of talented, dedicated experts is committed to providing the very best dog day care in Lafayette CO. Our facility is clean and comfortable, and our staff members lavish love and attention on our guests throughout their stay. Instead of leaving your dog at home to chew up the furniture and your shoes, bring him to us and we will make sure he has a fantastic time.

We make sure all of the little details are covered – details that could slip through the cracks in other facilities. For instance, our floors are made of rubber to make it easier on our guests’ paws. We also offer webcam access so you can keep an eye on your pet wherever you may be during the day. Also, our staff members are experts in the body language of dogs so that we can quickly head off any potential issues from happening and keep our guests healthy and happy.

Contact Us About Dog Day Care in Lafayette CO

Come to our dog day care in Lafayette CO facility and you will see why so many area pet owners have trusted us with their babies. Contact us online or give us a call at 720-548-1250 to learn more about the many services we offer.