dog healthy weight exercise

A dog’s ideal weight is one of the most important things we can do to help our dogs live long, active and happy life. Weight loss is tough for anyone – two- or four-legged! However, losing weight and getting in shape can not only add years to your dog’s life, but it can also make those extra years more enjoyable.
With humans, we know the signs of being overweight – low energy, shortness of breath, and that big belly that we can’t always hide. But with dogs, determining if there is a weight issue isn’t always as easy.
Excess weight on your dogs can come with health risks such as bone and joint problems, respiratory issues, heart disease and high blood pressure and more.  Here are some recommendations to help with our beloved fur babies.

Look Carefully at what you are Feeding Them

It is important to monitor what your feeding your dog on a daily basis. Are you feeding them food scraps from the table? Do you measure their food portions? How many treats do you give them per day? A lot of times we as pet owners lack control when our pets beg for food and give in when we think our dog wants to be fed or wants an extra treat. Try to keep record of what you are feeding your dog daily. Use a measuring scoop when you portion out your dog’s meals.

Help Your Dog Get More Exercise and Reward with fun, not food

Dogs make good workout partners! Starting with daily walks, off-leash parks, from hikes to jogging with them is great exercise.  Also, by just letting your dog run around the yard is a great way to allow them to burn off extra calories.  Bringing them to daycare will get them active for hours a day, jumping, running and playing with other dogs.


visit your vet

Ask your dog’s Veterinarian for their advice.  They’ll be able to tell you what a healthy weight for your dog is. They can also help with a weight loss plan best for your fur baby to live a long and healthy life.