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Lionhead Team

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

Meet the Team

Jenn, Owner

Jenn is the proud owner of Mocha, an Australian Shepherd and Sky the Husky. Her pups can be seen on the graphics outside her building. Jenn loves interacting with all the new pups that come to play and especially loves interacting with all the new pet parents to ensure they feel welcomed and apart of the Dogtopia family!

Daniela, Part Owner

Daniela is Jenn’s twin sister and is a full-time teacher. She comes to help out at the store whenever she can and offers her advice to Jenn and the other Dogtopians. She owns Diesel and Nacho the boxer twins, who love to play soccer and go for walks in the morning. Diesel can also be seen on the outside graphics right next to Mocha. 

Amber, General Manager

Amber started with us in August 2022 and loves being involved in a franchise location. She has 3 years of Dogtopia experience and knowledge to help guide her staff in a positive direction. She loves being around dogs and ensuring all the pet parents are happy and pleased with their experience.

She has her own pup that often comes to daycare as well, you will most likely see her in the gym – ask her to point out which one she is!

Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions or concerns.

Kelsey, Social Media Analyst

Kelsey has been with the company even before it opened in October 2019. She is the mastermind behind the social media accounts, especially on the instagram story. She helps to create interesting and creative content to keep our followers updated on everything Dogtopia Lionhead!

Let us know what you would like to see on our Instagram and Facebook….

Jocelyn, Operations Manager

Jocelyn has been working with Dogtopia since the very beginning in October, 2019. She is dedicated to her work and we have seen an impressive amount of improvement with how the dogs focus and listen to her. If you see that the dogs are calm, they are most likely listening to some salsa or bachata music. She tends to speak spanish to them, so don’t be surprised if your pup does home knowing some spanish.

Her knowledge of the rooms has led her to become the lead committee member of the Dogtopia Foundation- to create new events and fundraising ideas in order for us to help sponsor a service dog of our own. The foundation enables dogs to positively change our world!!

Katrina, Head Shift Lead

Katrina has been at our location since 2020, and throughly enjoys building connections with the dogs and the pet parents. She especially loves making homemade dog treats and pet accessories through her small business.

She enjoys playing games, outdoor activities like hiking and swimming and just being all around a very fun person to be around.

Come see Katrina at the front desk!

Pat, Canine Coach

Pat was hired in August 2021 and he has exceeded our expectations as a canine coach. He ensures that all dogs are playing safely with each other and they behaving appropriately.

You can often see him either in the Toybox or Gym room dancing, socializing with the dogs & working on the dogs that have separation anxiety- especially through COVID, to help come out of their shell.

We have had positive feedback from all our coaches, but we encourage you to give us a call anytime!

Selina, Canine Coach

Selina is a great asset to the Lionhead team as she genuinely cares for the dogs we have in daycare, grooming and boarding. Always wants to make sure she says “see you later” to the daycare dogs as she can’t wait to see them back again!

Any dogs that are boarding she always wants to make sure that they are tucked in for bed, they have eaten and they are ready for a goodnight’s sleep. She is the type of person that will read the dog a bedtime story before they all fall asleep for the night.

She truly has a heart of gold, but that’s just what we think. Let us know what you think!!

Kristen, Canine Coach

Welcome Kristen to our fantastic team at Dogtopia Lionhead when she started in October 2021 originally as a co-op student during school. She then started volunteering her time when she reached her hours for school and fell in love with so many dogs – as well as exceeding our expectations as a canine coach!

You can often see her in the toybox room playing with so many dogs or even in our gym room as well, but she is confident to control either as the Alpha Female!!

She loves all the dogs in each room but her heart lies with Hudson the golden retriever who has been coming to daycare since he was a pup!

Check out our webcams and let us know what you think of her!!

Adrian, Rover

Adrian has been at Dogtopia since May 2020, and he has excelled tremendously working with the dogs in the room. He loves seeing all the new dogs and puppies that come in for playtime, especially the ones that look just like his own golden retriever, Angel.

He loves to help all the dogs to listen, but he is especially a great team member that cares and wants to help out in any way he can. He’s always there to lend a hand or take advice from the other coaches in order to better maintain the dogs in the room.

Leonna, Shift Lead

She started in April 2022 – and really admires helping people but also has a passion for dogs (of course) She loves thinking of different and creative ways to make everyone’s lives a little easier- especially when bringing your dog for daycare!

You can often find her with a different hairstyle/colour – she loves being different and gets bored very quickly of her hair. Let her know what you think!

She is very knowledgeable and is able to help you out in any way that she can! Ask Leonna your question and she will help you and your pup on the right path.

Lily, Canine Coach

Lily started with us in June 2021 and excelled working in our gym room with the big and energetic dogs. She took some time off to focus on school, but now she is back!

She has such a calm demeanor with the dogs and is confident to work in either the toy box room or the gym room. It can be a lot working in the gym – but she has patience working with groups of dogs to ensure they receive the best possible attention!

Check her out in our rooms back at it again!

Pratibha, Canine Coach

She started in April 2022 – and since her interview she has excelled and loves being around the big dogs! When she first started, she immediately had dogs’ listening, following and obeying her commands instantly. That is when we knew she would be a great fit with not only the dogs, but the team as well!

She blends well with everyone on the team being such a great team player and helping anywhere that she can. She is still learning and loves increasing her knowledge any way that she can!

You can often see her in the gym – check her out and see how she can handle up to 30 dogs safely!

Dorianna, Shift Lead

She just recently started working our Dogtopia Lionhead in May 2022! She has a bubbly personality, a lovely and warm smile and she would love to answer all your questions!

Greeting all the dogs in the morning or the afternoon is her favourite thing. Seeing all the gorgeous dogs playing and being so tired at the end of the day is very heartwarming.

Check her out at the front desk and let us know that you think!

Kiala, Canine Coach

Kiala was hired in the summer of 2022 and her love for dogs and all breeds is amazing! We truly appreciate a person who loves dogs in general but especially not biased. She has been a positive team player and she is an amazing person!

Outside of work she does her own dog training as well and you could potential see her starting some classes in the future!

Keep an eye out for her in our rooms! Let us know how she’s doing.

Claire, Canine Coach

Claire started working for Dogtopia in June 2022 and loves every minute of it. She enjoys working with the dogs, seeing their personality, ensuring they are healthy and most importantly having fun! She is in love with all breeds – big or small, she loves them all. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our webcams, then you’ll really believe us!

Not only that, but she is such a sweet and kind-hearted person. Loves to work in a team or is capable by herself. She takes instructions for the dogs very seriously to ensure they are getting what they deserve…. (especially a treat!)

Let us know if you see claire – don’t forget to say HI!

Heather, Canine Coach

Heather started in June 2022 – and has blended really well with the team ever since. She is a little on the quiet side but she she speaks up – she really makes you laugh! She has a kind soul, loving personality and of course, cares about ALL dogs on daycare.

Upon starting her job at Dogtopia Lionhead – she soon realized the relaxed environment and that it wasn’t just a job anymore. Being able to go to work and actually like what you do, is rare – being with dogs all day is even better!

Check her out on our webcams sometime and let us know how she’s doing!

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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