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At Dogtopia of Milford, we are committed to enriching the lives of dogs in the Milford community through our specially designed doggie daycare. We provide a safe environment where your pup can enjoy fun-filled days of socializing with other dogs, attention from our caring team, plenty of exercise, and everything they need to grow and thrive. You’ll no longer feel the guilt of not having enough time or energy to play with your dog after work because at the end of the day, you’ll pick up an exhausted, yet perfectly happy pup!


While some may view daycare as just a place to leave your dog when you can’t be with them, we view it as a place where your pup can feel safe and loved while learning valuable social skills. Without daycare, some dogs may not get the adequate exercise, play and socialization they need to aid in proper physical, mental and social development.

When you are home, your dog is accustomed to a routine, including mealtime, playtime, potty breaks and naps. However, when you’re at work or out for long periods of the day, this can affect your pup’s routine and create pent-up energy. Consistent routines and structure are important for dogs and daycare can provide the structure your pup needs throughout the day. From meals, naps and structured playtime, our team of certified Canine Coaches create a schedule that is both healthy and exciting for you dog.


Owners Owen Botting and Michele McHugh believe every dog deserves regular daycare. Our mission is to enrich your dog’s life by providing a safe, stimulating, and supervised environment for them to learn, exercise, socialize and have fun!

Our four indoor play areas boast outdoor access and will provide your furry family member with fresh air and exercise. All outdoor play areas have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic turf to protect their feet, as well as openings so they can go inside or outside as often as they choose (weather permitting)!

Your dog’s safety is just as important to us as it is to you. Our daycare offers many benefits that set us apart from the competition, including:

  • All our play areas are fully supervised by our certified Canine Coaches
  • Our Canine Coaches must complete a rigorous training program, designed by our canine behaviorist. This allows our staff to recognize the most subtle dog body language and defuse any potential situation that may arise
  • Advanced UV-filtered HVAC system in each playroom ensures clean, fresh air is constantly being circulated
  • Rubberized flooring in all our playrooms that is designed to aid long term joint and paw health
  • Strict and frequent cleaning regimes to sanitize our playrooms using biological safe, pet-friendly cleaning products
  • Webcam access (available on our website and app) so that pet parents never feel separated from their pup
  • A pre-enrollment evaluation process to ensure all new dogs are suitable for our off-leash, open play environment
  • Ample playroom space inside and out, with dogs separated by size and playstyle so your dog can play with like-minded pups
  • Software to help track administration of food, medication and other specific needs for every dog in our care


A puppy’s first year is critical in developing their behavior and personality, that’s why safe socialization is needed right from the start. Happy, healthy puppies need plenty of playtime in a safe setting for learning and growing with friends. That’s where we come in; we’re the Puppy Love Experts!

At Dogtopia’s Puppy Preschool, your pup will love learning through playing in a 4-week program dedicated to developing a well-rounded dog in a fun and nurturing environment.

Click here to learn more about Puppy Preschool and enroll today!


At Dogtopia of Milford, we are committed to providing the best possible care for your dog.  To keep all of our pups safe and comfortable, we require each new dog to attend a meet and greet session before their first daycare visit. This will help us get to know your pup and get them familiar with our facility, the other dogs and our team to reduce any potential stress once they start full-time in daycare.


Dogtopia of Milford is conveniently located approximately 1 mile off I-95 at the intersection of Anderson and Quirk, near Boston Post Road and the Merritt Parkway. Our pet parents come from Milford (Anderson Ave/Woodmont Road, Woodmont, Bayview/Morningside, Forest Heights, Wheelers Farm Road/Wolf Harbor Road, Naugatuck Gardens, Silver Beach, Myrtle Beach/Walnut Beach, Laurel Beach/Cedar Beach, Devon, Buckingham Ave/Gulf Street), Orange (Town Center, Grassy Hill Road/Derby Ave, Ridge Road/Clark Lane, Derby Turnpike /Racebrook Road) and West Haven (West Shore, Ocean Ave/Jones Hill Road, Captain Thomas Blvd/Washington Ave, University of New Haven, Orange Ave/Meloy Road, Allingtown). We have plenty of parking available on site.

For more information or to schedule your pup’s meet and greet, please give us a call at 203-951-9970 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to showing you everything we can do to give your dog the most exciting day ever!

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