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We are Morgan, Adam, and Brandon Bissell, siblings and the proud owners of Dogtopias throughout the Midwest. We were fortunate to have an upbringing filled with tail wags and unconditional love from our dogs. If your family is anything like ours, dogs are family.

After five generations of family business, we have learned that a business can run on profit, but cannot thrive without purpose. We think it is important for you to understand that by being a part of the Dogtopia family, your dog is making an impact in the world.

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OUR Purpose BEYOND Profit

“to ENhance the joy of dog parenthood and enable dogs to positively change our world”

The Dogtopia mission statement is why we got involved in the first place. It’s the reason our passionate teams come to work every day. It’s our noble cause and what guides all that we do. The Dogtopia Foundation instills three key pillars into each dog daycare center.


Service Dogs for Veterans

We are committed to funding service dog training for Veterans returning home with physical and emotional challenges. With grandfathers on both sides of our family having served in the military, in addition to Morgan’s husband who is an active duty member of the United States Navy, this cause falls near to our hearts. Each month we host a variety of fundraiser events to raise money for sponsoring a service dog.

Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism

We actively employ adults with autism at our facilities to help individuals experience a higher quality of life and an increased self-determination. This program has brought so much joy to our team, pet parents, and dogs!

Therapy Dogs for Students

The Pet Partners program has allowed our Dogtopia family to give back to the community directly, through their own dogs. Our pet parents love the opportunity to help students build self-confidence within their local communities.


We want you to be a part of our noble cause

By choosing Dogtopia as the care provider for your pup, you also become part of our family.  We hope you will choose to support our noble cause and help us enable dogs to change our world.

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