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I am pleased with the staff….all very kind and accommodating. The facility, however, does not smell particularly clean. After a recent boarding, my dog’s bed was soaked with urine. While the staff was kind enough to wash it, the smell did not come out and I threw it away. Perhaps just double down on the cleaning??

Friendly staff

Keeping the smaller dogs separated from the larger dogs. My dog is afraid of the larger dogs and they did a great job keeping them separated.
Location was clean and staff was very friendly and caring.

Since it changed over from the previous company the smell has gotten bad and I find many times when my dog comes home he smells like a dirty dog, which I did not ever experience before. Not sure if not as much cleaning is being done or if air purification was used before and is no longer happening, but something definitely changed.

I really appreciate how much the staff cares. I feel comfortable leaving my dog for the day to play at daycare knowing he’ll be looked after by fellow dog lovers 🙂 I also appreciated the pictures they sent of my handsome boy during the day. It made missing him a little easier knowing he was having a good day, and it gave me confidence the staff is attentive. They know who the pups are and who their pet parents are. I appreciate the individualized attention that is given. I’m very excited for his next play day!

My boy had a wonderful day. Thank you! I will bring him back again!

The activities with the dogs. Texting me photos. The communication. Being able to watch them on the cameras.

My dog’s first time at a daycare was very good, the staff made sure she was comfortable and I was informed. The app is very helpful and having webcam access is very reassuring. Prices are fair.

Know my dog and spend direct time with him while in daycare and get to k ow his behavior

Everyone there is very nice and professional. They go the extra mile for our dogs. I think the webcams are terrific. The only issue I would have to say is the back yard is maybe a little small. But all the dogs aren’t all out there at once. Overall, its a great experience.

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