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Roswell Reviews

1570 Holcomb Bridge Road #325, Roswell, Georgia 30076

5 Star Rating - 205 reviews

My Labrador retriever loves to visit Dogtopia for a bath or boarding. The staff are attentive and friendly.

My dogs love it here most of the time, but there is room for improvement. Like many people during this unfortunate pandemic, they seem to be a little understaffed. There were a couple of times I logged on the cameras and there were SO MANY DOGS in the room. I’m not sure the system/requirements behind opening another room, but I assumed it was due to staffing?? I would prefer them tell me they are full and I keep my dogs at home on busier days like this. My pups do pretty well in the environment, but it still can be overstimulating for any dog to be in such a loud and crowded space. Also, with so many dogs in the room they are constantly rotating pups in/out of the crates (which is fine with me), but I think they might need better way to keep up with how long they are in the crates. I got on the camera and my dog was being put in the crate and she immediately sat down and relaxed. I came back about 20 minutes later and she was still in the crate (laying down), then I checked in another 20 minutes later and she was still there laying down. After watching a about 5 minutes they finally let her out. So she was in there about 45ish minutes total. Like I said earlier I love that they give them quiet time, but I would prefer my dogs not be in the crate for so long. Not to mention the 2 hour nap time they have in the crate. I prefer not to pay $30+ an hour for my dog to be in a crate. I can leave them at home in the crate for free.

Great staff!

Everyone is friendly and really work to get to know your dog.

Great care of my dogs while I’m away. I know they are in amazing hands.

Absolutely love Dogtopia Roswell! Omni just loves going to play with all of her BFFF’s and see her favorite coaches each week!

Staff is responsive to inquiries. This wasn’t it first time boarding our dog in Georgia and so far everything seems good. I like being able to watch on the webcam and see her throughout their regular business hours. We haven’t picked our dog up yet so I can’t give a 10 but s as of now this place is high up on list of places that I feel comfortable bringing my sweetie to.

Everyone is so friendly and sweet to my dog. Amazing customer service and great care for my dog.

Awesome service & friendly staff !

I LOVE Dogtopia! Staff are awesome! They seem to really love my dogs and they take such good care of them. I use both the day care and the boarding, and occasionally the spa. I could not be happier!! And my dogs love going, they get excited when we drive in the parking lot.

Dogtopia of Roswell

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