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2463 Royal Windsor Drive Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K9

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The staff is WONDERFUL!! They always make me and my Billy feel SO welcome. Billy gets excited as soon as I turn into the parking lot. He knows he’s in for a great day. When I pick him up at night he is happy and exhausted. The rest of our day together goes SO easily.

The Royal Windsor crew is amazing. As soon as we park Coco is so excited to get inside.
Once inside the team greet her with cuddles and pets and her tail never stops wagging. I love the fact that I can check in on her via the webcam and see what she is up to.

She has her favourite humans and 4 legged friends too. She gets exercise, stimulated with the different games that are set up for her (especially the crate and ball game) and the team also are intuitive to her needs, they can tell if she’s having an off day, or needs a little more attention or just some cuddles.

Love the special days that are put on every month, from bacon day to Mother’s Day to birthday months etc. All i know is I have one happy pup who is exhausted when I get her home, which is a good thing.
I let everyone know about Dogtopia and I share pictures of her there and let them know of the great staff that they have.

The staff and the care they give are terrific. The place is very clean and our little dog was well taken care of. It was our first time ever boarding our dog and we have no regrets leaving her here.

We would highly recommend this location for anyone that might be skeptical about boarding their dog for the first time

We have used Dogtopia Applewood in the past. Very happy with them.

Everyone was very friendly and made our first experience great!

My high energy Aussie doodle loves being with the other dogs and the staff. She is excited to go in each morning and happily goes in without looking back.

Thank you team to introduce Benjamin to such a nice well set place! Very welcome and professional team!

They know my dog quite well, and she loves going there. The staff are personable, and engaging and I can check on my dog through the video link. Its a great service

My only concern is lack of outdoor space for washroom time although I do understand that is almost impossible to manage

My dog gets excited to go.
Experts are there to ensure safe play and good socialization.
Ability to watch on webcam

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