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2463 Royal Windsor Drive Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K9

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I like that the dogs are monitored with more than 1 person in the room all the time, very important.
the place is very clean, staff are very friendly and helpful and I love that I can bring Calvin there and if I want to see how he is doing, I can just go on the webcam and watch him for as long as I want
Its a great place to allow our dog to play for hours, be safe and I don’t have to worry about a coyote getting him

I would love for my pup to go to Dogtopia, she also looked like she had a great time. However, I am slightly on the fence because in the meet and greet, I saw very little to no play/interaction between the associates (in the room) and the dogs. In the poor associates defense, they were so busy cleaning and cleaning. Maybe we could have 2 associates in one room (depending on the number of dogs in there of course), so one could clean and the other could play with the dogs (training, throwing the balls etc.)? Just a thought. The website states “…interacting with our caring team…and basic education…” but the time I was there, I didn’t see much of it. The associates were absolutely lovely though.

No outdoor time.
All dogs pee and poo on the floor in the same room where they play.

The place looks very clean and the dogs look happy! My Shiloh howled all the way home after her first day and couldn’t wait to get in the door on day 2.

Everyone was friendly, informative, and helpful

Friendly staff, very compassionate about my dog, fantastic expereince.

Very friendly staff

I really enjoy the staff, very friendly and great with the dogs. Very professional. I feel safe keeping Baxter there.

Friendly and professional

Friendly, clean, convenient, safe, fun!

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