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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Keep your pup happy and healthy by treating them to The Most Exciting Day Ever with doggie daycare at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest. Our brand-new facility offers dogs the opportunity to socialize with like-minded furry friends and engage in fun exercises and brain games designed to keep their body and mind active. Plus, daycare pups can enjoy the themed parties and doggie photoshoots we hold throughout the year – your pup is always on the guestlist!

Our facility boasts over 7,500 sq ft., which we have split into three playrooms. Each room is categorized by dogs’ size, temperament, and play style, which helps us to prioritize safety and ensure pups feel comfortable interacting with each other during playtime and downtime. We have the “Toybox” (for our smaller breeds), the “Gym” (for larger dogs), and the “Romper Room” (for the pups that fall somewhere in-between or are a bit more rambunctious).

Our supervised, clean indoor playrooms offer a range of benefits, including the fact that the playtime will never be impacted by the San Antonio heat. Our temperature-controlled facility allows our daycare dogs to roam freely and create special bonds with their like-minded BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) in a comfortable space all year long. Another advantage to indoor play is our dogs won’t trek home with mud, dirt, or debris – a plus for many pet parents.

Our playrooms provide the chance for dogs to burn off their pent-up energy because there are always multiple furry friends to play with. With 8-10 hours of off-leash, open play, Dogtopia daycare dogs average 30,000 daily steps, which is more than 7.5x compared to dogs who stay at home. More dogs in the room means less boredom, as more dogs = more energy and activities that pups can enjoy. At Dogtopia, our pups play hard so they will snooze even harder when they get home.

the premier dog daycare in san antonio, texas

In addition to being a dog daycare facility, we at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest also refer to ourselves as a wellness center. We have proactive conversations about what our pet parents are looking for in dog daycare, which has allowed us to create a space that meets the needs of parents and pups alike. Whether you bring your dog in for exercise, extra love from our trained experts, or just to relieve your busy schedule, you will love the difference Dogtopia makes in your pup’s life.

We hear from customers every day about how unique our facility is compared to other dog daycares in San Antonio, and this is thanks to the great attention we give to the safety and well-being of all pups in our care. Just like you, we consider our dogs to be members of the family, and that is why we go out of our way to provide more than you might expect from doggie daycare.

We accept all breeds into our care. Before any dog enters our facility, they must first pass our Meet & Greet. This is a thorough evaluation that our experts perform to help us determine if an off-leash, open-play setting is a good fit for your pup. From a wellness check to comfortability in our crates and reactions to our staff and other dogs, we make several observations about each pup, as we want all dogs at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest to feel comfortable to play, learn, and engage with their surroundings.

While your dog is being evaluated, our team will show you around, address your questions and give you the opportunity to observe the playroom webcams from our lobby. If your pup passes their evaluation and we feel as though they are ready for play, they are welcome to start daycare immediately.

Please note that all dogs at our facility must be at least 12 weeks old, with up-to-date vaccinations (i.e., Rabie, Bordetella, DHPP). If you don’t have your pup’s records, we can contact your vet for you. Dogs that are seven months old and older must be spayed or neutered.

When at daycare, your pup will engage in hours of play and fun activities, while being supervised by Canine Coaches who are three-level certified experts. Each Canine Coach is educated on canine body language, dog communication, and pack management for all breeds of dogs, regardless of size and temperament. This makes our open play, off-leash environment a safe, fun space for all our daycare pups.

Our highly trained Canine Coaches also help foster socialization, which allows our dogs to grow into well-rounded canine citizens. Through the curriculum developed by Dogtopia’s Canine Behaviorist, we maintain safe, supervised and fun playrooms. Our Canine Coaches use positive reinforcement techniques while gently discouraging bad behavior to instill good manners and lasting habits.

Want details about your pup’s experience at dog daycare? Our Canine Coaches provide our pet parents with occasional report cards that outline how the day went, their behavior, who their new BFFFs are, and ways you can implement our positive training at home.

what’s a typical day at dog daycare?

We offer both half-day and full-day daycare options, along with our weekly wellness plans that are a great way to provide your pup with a consistent daycare routine. Dogs thrive in structured environments, which is why Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest follows an established daily schedule. A typical day at daycare begins with playing, learning, and exercising from opening until noon. Pups get to roam and play in their respective playrooms and engage in all the fun activities that keep them active and stimulated.

From noon until 2:00 p.m., things slow down a bit so that we can give lunch, administer any needed medication (as directed by pet parents), and let our pups recharge with a much-needed nap. We provide a variety of house food and treats at our facility, including regular and grain-free house food, protein bowls for a healthier option, and goodies such as peanut butter- or yogurt-filled Kongs, berry parfaits, and pup cups.

Then, until pick up, our pups are back to learning, playing, and exercising. Many of our pet parents also fit in a spa service during the day, which gets our dogs feeling and looking like a million bones before they leave.

playroom safety and cleaning protocols

Safety is highly important to us here at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest and it starts with a clean space. We follow a strict cleaning protocol to provide a clean, safe and odor-free environment for the dogs, our team and pet parents.

Our playrooms are sanitized multiple times a day using a biologically safe, dog-friendly cleaner. We also include a UV-filtered HVAC system in each playroom to not only maintain a comfortable temperature during play and nap time, but it helps minimize the bacteria in the air to keep things feeling fresh. Additionally, we use compressed rubberized flooring in playrooms for easy cleaning. This type of material is also non-absorbent, odor-resistant, and assists in the long-term paw and joint health of pups. You will also find walls separating our playrooms, which helps us prevent any airborne viruses.

Dogtopia has several commitments to safety, which we follow here at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest. They include:

  • Home-style crates for resting and overnight stays
  • A charitable cause that enables dogs to give back to humanity
  • Brain games designed to keep our pups engaged and moving throughout the day
  • A passion for providing pet parents and pups with the best possible service
  • A universal vow to treat your dogs like a member of the family

webcam access for pet parents

It is not always easy spending time away from your pup. That’s why we have webcams in each of our playrooms that our pet parents can access via a private stream. Join in virtually on all the playtime fun, available via our website and free mobile app. You’ll see firsthand how attentive our staff is with your pup and you’ll feel confident that they are comfortable and having fun.⁠

visit our dog daycare in san antonio

All of us at Dogtopia of San Antonio - Northwest cannot wait to meet our community of pet parents and their pups in Bexar County, Military City, and other surrounding neighborhoods. We are located near the intersection of Interstate 10 and De Zavala Rd. at 5563 De Zavala Rd, Suite 100. You can find us near a Culver’s restaurant, Walmart plaza, and Post Office De Zavala.

We are also only a short drive from Six Flags, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and the RIM shopping centre. Whether you are riding rollercoasters or spending your day in class, you can easily drop off and pick up your furry friend with ease.

get in touch with our knowledgeable team

Our helpful, dog-loving team is here to answer any questions about daycare or any of our services. You can reach out to us directly by calling 210-964-0555 or you can book your first visit using our online form.

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