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Dog Daycare

Every dog is unique and we will take the time to determine which of our stay and play experiences is the right fit to suit your dog’s needs. Open play is for dogs that are comfortable in a social, pack play environment. Day boarding is specially designed for dogs that prefer human attention and quit time between exercise sessions. Puppy play has been created specifically for new puppies just entering into the social scene that have their first set of vaccinations and are eating solid food.

Full Day Open Play: $33

Half Day: $23 (half day is drop off 7 am-9 am and pick up between 12 pm-1 pm/drop off 2 pm pick up 7 pm)

Saturday: $23

Daycare Boarding: $65

5 day pass: $160

10 day pass: $310

20 day pass: $600

30 day pass: $870

VIP Membership: $590

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Den like home style crates and private suites are available for dogs boarding during the day and night. Our crates are a common in home model and offer a safe, private space to ensure a peaceful rest while snuggling with toys and comfortable bedding.

Overnight Boarding with Open Play: $55/night

Daycare Boarding + Overnight Stay: $65/night

6 nights + / receive a $5 discount per night starting on 6th night

Suite Accommodation: +$10.00 per night

Convenience fee drop off or pick up: $20.00 for all pick ups on boarding stays after 12 pm or any stays after 7 pm weeknights, 5 pm Saturdays and 2 pm Sundays.

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Prices may vary on breed, size and condition of coat. Our Full Service Spa treatment includes bath with shampoo and leave in conditioner, nail trim, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, and blow dry.

Dog 'N' Suds includes spa bath and towel dry-starts at $20 based on size and breed of dog

Utopia Bath: starts at $40 based on size and breed of dog-Includes spa bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, teeth brushing and towel dry

Brush out: $13 per 15 min

Nail trim: $15

Teeth Brushing: $13

Ear cleaning: $13

Flea and tick treatment: (additional charge on Dog n Suds or Utopia bath) $13

Self-serve bath: $25 per each 30 minutes

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Training and Additional Services


Packages and Memberships

Pass holders enjoy the benefits of guaranteed availability, meals and medications as well as a discounted daily rate. Our VIP Monthly Membership includes unlimited daycare Monday-Friday, meals and medication administration, daily wipe down, one regular bath, annual vaccinations and 10% off food and retail products.

Additional Services:

Medication administration $5.00 per day

In House Food: $5.00 per day

Blanket $5

Walk $10


Special Events:

Private Birthday Party $200

Birthday Cake $35



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