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5530 Johnston St., Suite 100, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503

5 Star Rating - 46 reviews

Staff was very knowledgeable, and friendly.

You have the nicest people.

Friendly safe environment.

I like that everyone there seems to really care about the dogs they work with. Everyone knows my dog by name. I like that I can check on her via the cameras. I like the flexibility of different packages and rates.

Y’all do a great job

The staff were very patient and friendly. The place is clean and I loved the live video streaming.

Everyone was kind and understanding about my apprehension to leave Ozzie. I have no real need for daycare other than I want him to have friends. (only child.. haha) I am hoping if I bring him in every couple of weeks he will start playing with the “regulars.” He has Addison’s Disease and is on a monthly shot and takes Prednisone daily, so activity will do him well. He is considered overweight. I don’t think the Prednisone helps his weight and he is a “chill” dog that only runs after squirrels. I am hoping daycare will pull him out of his shell. He has never been a dog that plays with toys. I believe this is a combination of his disease and his environment the first 8 months before I got him.

The ability to view Ozzie on camera was the only reason I allowed him to go. It would not matter how nice the attendants were at intake or the front desk. The fact there are cameras was comforting and the only reason I brought him. I was a bit guarded about them not being on from 12-2, but I managed. I feel they should be left on at all times.

His pictures were a treat! Thank you! I will be scheduling a date for him to play a half-day for next week if a day is available. I am hoping he has a good reaction when we get out of the car.

Thank you so much,

I greatly appreciate the cleanliness of the facility and the attention to detail when bringing your pet in for a day. Every aspect of the facility is extremely organized.

Friendly, fast, great job on puppy grooming

Nice staff! Did a great groom on my dog and didn’t take long.

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