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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Planning a vacation or business trip can be very stressful. Between the planning, booking and packing, it can leave you with little time to find accommodations for your furry family member. Luckily, Dogtopia of Town Center offers a number of boarding options, whether you’re just looking to leave your dog overnight or for an extended period of time. Our boarding services are so much fun, you can even call it a playcation for your dog! When you return, you will be picking up one perfectly happy and healthy pup!

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When you board your pup at Dogtopia of Town Center, our friendly team will make sure they have a fun and comfortable experience! Instead of having our boarding dogs cooped up in a kennel all day like other facilities, our boarding guests enjoy full use of our open playrooms with our daycare dogs. That means your pup will enjoy playing with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) all day, with regular naps for downtime.

Our guests enjoy five-star accommodations in comfortable home-style crates during nap time and overnight stays. You can choose to board your pup in our home-style crates located in the same familiar room they played in all day, or you can upgrade them into our luxury suites. The suites provide private space for your dog(s) and are great for siblings who prefer to sleep together. With either boarding option, please feel free to bring in your dog’s own blanket and toy to make our facility feel like their home away from home!

For your dog’s comfort and safety, we require that prior to boarding, your dog attends at least 3 days in daycare with us. This will allow your pup to become familiar with the smells and sounds of our facility and allow them to make friends with our daycare dogs, which creates a much more enjoyable experience for them and our other dogs!


We know that being away from your furry family member can be difficult and we want to make this experience enjoyable for you, too! That’s why we offer live webcam access for you to check in on your pup during the day. You can use our website or download our mobile app, available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

SAFETY is our top priority

Prior to booking your dog’s stay with us, it is important to bring them to Dogtopia of Town Center so that our caring team can conduct a personal Meet & Greet Session with your pup, which allows us to determine whether they are the right fit for our off-leash, open-play environment.

All dogs that stay at our facility must be up to date on all vaccinations and free of fleas, ticks and any contagious diseases. If you have a puppy, they must be at least three months old and current on required vaccinations. We also require that all dogs over seven months old be spayed or neutered.


Our canine guests’ safety is paramount. Every dog staying with us must be up-to-date on the required vaccines, attend a meet and greet evaluation, and visit for 3 days of play before they are able to attend an overnight stay. Call us at 757-517-8010 to schedule your appointment today.  Also, ask us about our offer free, no-obligation tours of our facility! Our friendly and knowledgeable team are more than happy to assist you in determining which of our boarding options is best suited to both you and your dog. Space for overnight boarding is limited, so we recommend booking in advance.

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