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Town Center – Virginia Beach Reviews

4546 Columbus Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

5 Star Rating - 165 reviews

Great communication and accountability. I always know what my pups are up to and trust that they are in caring hands.

Blue had an amazing time, and I felt good knowing he was safe and being loved. I’ll bring him back!

Every single member is so incredibly wonderful and I felt so at ease leaving my puppy there while I had to travel for work. Can’t begin to express how wonderful the staff are and how they accommodated my short notice, panicky call when my original pet sitter had a family emergency. I’ve found a new home away from home for Hank. She will definitely be coming back for play time and boarding. Thankyou all!!

Because I have a very young puppy, 5 1/2 months, I wanted a smaller daycare/ boarding place. I’ve seen other larger places where it appears pets are lost in the crowd. And more importantly I want my pup to feel like like she’s part of a family. When we travel for a few days and she boards, I’ll feel she is in a very secure place. Plus, Dogtopia has a great webcam available to see my pup in action.

More enrichment activities. Some dogs seem to be overpowering small dogs in the small dog room since they are larger it seems they may need to switch rooms.

I like how friendly everyone is. They talk to Augustus like he is important. He is so that resonates with me!

My dog loves it here. All I have to do is say the word dogtopia and she perks right up. She’s made tons of friends and even better, she’s gotten so much socialization and learned so many good habits from the other pups and the wonderful staff.

it’s a day care for my dog. I see the friendly staff on the web cam and also able to see my baby.
She seems to love it.

Everything I’m extremely happy

My dog loves going!

Dogtopia of Town Center – Virginia Beach

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