We have IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for playroom attendants (“Canine Coaches”). If you are an energetic & happy individual that LOVES dogs, we want you to JOIN OUR PACK! Upon successful completion of training, you can even bring YOUR dog to work with you! What a bonus! Successful team members will earn a pay increase upon completion of training after the first 90 days. 

Starting pay $11-$12. Successful team members will earn a pay increase upon completion of training after the first 90 days.

What we offer: Let’s look at what Dogtopia does for you!

  • It’s always bring your dog to work day!
  • Education in basic dog obedience and training
  • Fun, dynamic team culture
  • Career progression based on performance
  • Be a part of a growing business
  • Additional certification program training
  • Competitive compensation with flexibility in scheduling
  • Learn key skills related to customer service, teamwork, or even sales!

Now that we have the fun out of the way, let’s get into what you can offer us.

  • Have Fun on Camera! (all playrooms are equipped with cameras for pet parents to stay engaged)
  • Maintain control of large groups of dogs
  • Caring for all furry friends as if they were a part of your family
  • Engage, Play and Enjoy the furry friends!
Job Duties
  • Work as a Canine Coach in playrooms
  • Performing grooming duties (baths, nail trims, ear & teeth cleaning, brush-outs, etc.)
  • Meal recording
  • Maintain regular cleaning schedule (mopping, sweeping, trash, water refill, etc.)
  • Perform laundry duties
  • Assist with any other duties needed, as directed by the GM


  • Must be 16 years old, minimum
  • Must love dogs
  • Must understand that dogs in our care depend on you showing up to work on time; attendance & reliability is a MUST!
  • Ability to spend up to 100% of work time standing
  • Ability to work flexible days and hours, including holidays and weekends (STRONG PREFERENCE GIVEN TO CANDIDATES WITH WEEKEND AVAILABILITY)
  • Ability to work cohesively with others in a fun, fast paced environment
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Ability to “own” a room of dogs
  • Enthusiastic willingness to help out in other areas of the business, as needed

The Rules by which we, as DOGTOPIANS, live by:

  • We LOVE life unconditionally like a dog.
  • We STAY loyal to our pack.
  • We CHASE the absolute highest standards of safety.
  • We PLAY to our fullest potential.
  • We TREAT every day like It’s the Most Exciting Day Ever!

The Canine Coach is responsible for working to set the highest standards and satisfaction of safety & cleanliness, while ensuring each dog has the most exciting day ever!

Job Type: Part-time