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2 Day per Week Wellness Plan--$58
3 Day per Week Wellness Plan--$84
Unlimited per Week Wellness Plan--$125
Pay for Play Daily Rate--$36

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Dogtopia of Utica is an award-winning dog day care center in Utica, MI, providing supervised open play during the day. Rather than leaving your dog at home while you are away, our center offers daytime stay for your dog to get exercise by playing with other dogs and attention from our staff. Our day care center is properly designed, equipped and staffed to provide safe daytime care.

What is Dog Daycare?

Dogtopia is a dog centered place where pet owners can leave their dogs during the day. Our trained staff provides each dog with safe, supervised play in climate-controlled rooms. Our daycare is a great place to leave your dog to socialize with other dogs and expend a lot of their natural energy. We even thought through the small details like installing compressed rubber flooring so as to not harm their paws.

Why Choose Our Doggie Day Care?

Some dogs who are left home alone during the day may show signs of separation anxiety, undesirable behavior or even depression. Our team understands that often these signs can be improved through exercise and socialization with other dogs. In an environment like our pet day care center, owners can leave their dogs with us knowing that their pet will get exercise, socialization, and attention. Other reasons to choose Dogtopia of Utica’s doggie daycare are:

  • Climate-controlled play areas
  • Compressed rubberized mats
  • Webcam access
  • Staff trained in dog body language
  • Supervised open play
  • Excellent customer service

One of our team members can help you determine the best play schedule for your dog to fit your budget and lifestyle. Our dog daycare pricing allows for different options throughout the month.

Our Daycare Staff

One of the most important aspects of any dog daycare center is its staff. Our staff members are familiar with many different breeds of dogs and are trained in managing multiple dogs and understanding a dog’s body language. Not only do our team members make sure your dog is safe, but they also make sure your dog gets loving attention each stay.

Contact Our Dog Daycare Center

If you have any questions or want to schedule your dog for our daycare, boarding or spa packages, feel free to contact us and our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you determine if Dogtopia is a right fit for your pet. You can also download our enrollment form here.

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  • A Caring Team You Can Trust

    A Caring Team You Can Trust

  • Playroom Mirror

    Playroom Mirror

  • Open Play Fun

    Open Play Fun

  • King of the Hill

    King Of The Hill

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