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What you might think of when you think of dog kennel services. We don’t do that here at Dogtopia!

When pet parents think about dog kennel services in Michigan, they’re likely thinking of the kind they’ve seen at their vet’s office.  It used to be that dog kennel services were exclusively the realm of vets, and were metal cages, often stacked in a back room at a veterinarians office, where dogs could sit and wait for the owners to come get them after surgery.

Luckily, times have changed. Your veterinarian might still need to use that form of dog kenneling, but that’s typically only necessary immediately following surgery or anything involving anesthesia, since they don’t want your dog to move around and hurt themselves.  If you’re just going away for a holiday or to visit friends and family, you’re likely looking for a different kind of dog kennel service- the modern kind that involves open play and socialization!

Modern dog kennel services only ‘kennel up’ your dog for feeding and sleeping, and sometimes when they might need a ‘time out’ to calm down after playing.  The modern way of boarding your dog at a dog kennel allows your dog to play and socialize, even getting exercise with other dogs.  The benefits are huge!  Your dog is happier, less anxious, and overall healthier when they’re allowed to move around and get playing.  It’s great for their socialization as well. Unless your dog absolutely has to be immobilized due to surgery or some other trauma, an open play doggie day care and kennel is a great choice to keep your dog moving and exercising.

If you’re looking to schedule a vacation and in need of dog kennel services, contact us today!  Our overnight dog kennels get booked well in advanced, especially around the

dog kennel services at dogtopia in utica
Note the difference: when you pup stays overnight at our dog kennel, they sleep in dog crates the same way they would at home. During the day, they get to play with all the other dogs in our spacious, clean play rooms.

holidays.  Be sure to call ahead of schedule to ensure that your pup has a place in our facility.

Need more proof of how much your dog will love being kenneled at Dogtopia? Check out this video we recorded from our lobby, showing one of the open play rooms: