dog day care near me for exercise and socialization

dog day care near me for exercise and socialization
Dogs have room to run and play at our dog day care near you!

If you have a hyper, job-craving dog, you probably already know that keeping them home alone all day is terrible for them.  But, for those dogs are readily accept the couch potato lifestyle, does it matter if they stay home alone napping all day?

The short answer is yes, it matters in a huge way.  Dogs, even those who are older and calm, crave interaction and ‘work’.  Work doesn’t have to mean herding sheep, or being a guard dog.  It can be something as simple as getting up and moving around, walking and playing.  We regularly see new clients who bring their pups to Dogtopia because it’s listed as a dog day care near me, and because their dog is a breed that needs more exercise than a busy pet parent can manage.  For instance, Aussie dogs and Border Collies love open play doggy day care because they can stretch their legs by running and playing with other dogs, and getting that exercise at Dogtopia means their less likely to have undesirable behavior at home.  These high drive dogs are likely to get frustrated sleeping on a couch during the day, and will ‘herd’ family members or chew inappropriately. Getting them into doggy daycare makes them happier, better family members.

Low-drive dogs like basset hounds get huge benefits from doggy day care as well, though they might not be as obvious.  Your high energy dogs will see an obvious calming effect after playing all day, whereas a lower energy dog is much more likely to receive benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically.  In a more visually obvious way, they might start losing weight since they have less down time and snacking time!  If you have an older or overweight dog, getting them into doggy daycare can renew their zest for life and improve their health at the same time.

Not sure if your dog will benefit from Dogtopia?  Come in for a tour, and bring your pup!  Call us at 586-413-9500 to reserve a place.