doggie daycare utica mi

doggie daycare utica mi
Doggie daycare is usually a pretty big hit for golden retrievers!

Short answer:  I bet!! Doggie daycare is a fun alternative to staying home alone.  Social pups love it!

Is Doggie Daycare Right For My Dog

The best way to find out if doggie daycare is right for your dog is to come in for our meet and greet.  We’ll tell you all about the wonderful things your dog will experience at Dogtopia, and we’ll introduce your dog to our facility to see if he or she likes it.  The meet and greet allows us to evaluate how your dog will do socially when faced with other dogs of the same size and temperament.

What if My Dog Fails the Meet and Greet?

Never fear!  Some dogs are fearful or haven’t had enough socialization to feel comfortable with our open play doggie daycare environment.  There’s nothing wrong with that!  Because they wouldn’t enjoy doggie daycare, we recommend that you work with them privately to socialize them with other dogs on a much more limited scale.  This article may help: How to Socialize a Dog

Just because your dog doesn’t want to participate in Dogtopia right now, doesn’t mean that they won’t love it later!  As your dog gets more comfortable with other dogs, you might want to schedule another time to come in and reassess your pup.

It’s good to keep in mind that your dog should have positive social experiences, and encourage your pup to have good behavior around other dogs.  Dogs often get leash reactive when they’re not walking with a loose leash- trying to work on leash manners helps them get over leash reactivity.  Pups with simple leash reactivity often do well in an open play environment, since there’s nothing holding them back!

If you have any questions about behaviors your dog has shown and how that might affect their chances of getting into doggie daycare, call us!  We’d love to tell you about our program and hear any of your concerns.