doggie day care near me in utica mi

The Benefits of Doggie Daycare Near You

Almost everyone, dogs and owners both, could benefit from doggie daycare. Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy, or opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Here are five reasons why you might consider sending a dog to doggie daycare.

1. Exercise & Socialization

Daycare provides the dog with play times throughout the day to express normal doggy behavior. They have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs. Naturally, some day cares run differently. However, our doggie daycare has set play times and set ‘down time’ for rest and relaxation.

2. Human Contact

During the day while the owner is away at work, the dog doesn’t have to stay home alone. The staff members of the day care interact with the dogs regularly. They are there to interact during play if the dog desires, treats during quiet times, or a good ol’ scratch behind the ear and cuddles.

3. Expert-Supervised Playtime

Often owners themselves are not comfortable monitoring play between dogs. They aren’t familiar with what is appropriate and what is dangerous. A proper daycare has experienced staff that have had training to interpret dog body language so they can ensure all the dogs are comfortable.

4. Relief From Boredom

Crates get a bad reputation sometimes from pet owners. They don’t want to leave their dog crated while they work or when they aren’t home. Not utilizing a crate and establishing good house habits can potentially set the dog up for destructive behaviors when alone. To compromise, owners can send the dog to daycare where they will have plenty of stimulation and opportunities to prevent any boredom, as well as occasional crate time..

5. A Good Solution For Busy Owners

Some owners feel guilty for working more than 8 hours and leaving their dog at home. Daycare will allow the dog multiple opportunities to potty and be entertained while the owner is away.

doggie day care near me in utica mi
Look at the little feet! Pugs and toy dogs can really get a work out at doggie day care near you!

It is essential to take the dog’s personality and temperament in to consideration when deciding if doggie daycare is right for your dog. That’s why it’s so crucial that we schedule a meet & greet where you can tour our dog kennel and we can evaluate your dog to see if they’ll enjoy our open play doggie daycare.  Contact us today to schedule a tour!