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Every day dogs are turned into shelters or abandoned due to easily correctable problem behavior. Nobody really thinks it will happen to them with they get a new puppy – we’re too busy breathing that sweet puppy breath and playing with them!  However, during puppyhood is exactly when you should be thinking about dog training! Puppies, just like human children, have a critical time period to learn new social skills and what constitutes being a “good dog”. Getting your pup involved in dog training early is a smart way to ensure their success and that they’ll be a great canine companion for years to come. We employ a great dog trainer at our locations, and you’ll love working with us!

Most every puppy can benefit from puppy training, and at Dogtopia our method of dog training incorporates our world class dog day care for added puppy socialization. You likely already know just how important socialization is for dogs, but the reason it’s so effective here is because is helps your pup “blow off steam” through play and get ready for learning. A relaxed puppy is much more capable of learning new commands when they’re not full of energy and desperate to release it.

What Should I Look For in a Dog Trainer?

Good dog trainers are skilled in positive reinforcement techniques. This humane method of training helps the pup associate learning and following commands with good things. The trainers who use this method are generally more patient and look at the training process as a framework for a lifetime, rather than a series of reward/punishment for good or bad behavior. They aim to create a relationship in this training model that makes your dog trust you and those who give them their commands.

As you’d expect with a world-class doggy day care that truly cares about your dogs mental, emotional, and physical wellness, our dog trainers only use humane, positive reinforcement. You can rest easy when your dog is at Dogtopia, because not only will they have an amazing day of doggy daycare, they’ll also be learning everything they need to

dog trainer and dog training in utica mi
This afternoons dog training session was to see how well Darla can “leave it?!?” She passed, she left them and when it is time to be released, she ate them all! 🙂 Good girl, you deserved them little one!

know to be amazing at home.

Why Should I Bring My Puppy to a Dog Trainer?

Puppies love to learn!  They’re at the prime time of their life to learn new skills and tricks, and they’re steadily building trust and relationships with the world around them. By bringing your puppy to a dog trainer, you’re investing in your puppy to be the best dog they can be.

Bring your puppy to a dog trainer if you need help with:

-getting them to come when called

-getting them to potty outside

-getting them to walk on a leash

-any unacceptable behaviors


Call us and we’ll tell you all about our dog training in Utica!  We’ll tell you everything else you need to know about the program, and invite you to tour our facility and meet with a trainer.

dog trainer
What makes a great dog trainer, and does your pup need one?