dog boarding dog kennel services in utica mi

Have you started planning your holiday family vacation? Many people are starting to plot out their wintertime trips, and as such, they’re starting to call around to dog kennels near them. It’s a huge priority for pet parents to make sure that their pups are taken care of while they’re away, and making the decision to pick one place over another is always hard. At Dogtopia, we understand pet parents and their pups are stressed during the decision making process, and as the holidays and vacations creep ever closer, we know that you’ll run into dog kennels filling up fast. Never fear – if you’re a dog daycare client of ours, you can always call us to get your pup in for overnight and extended boarding! If you’re not a current dog daycare client, we urge you to take steps now to get your pup used to being away from home. By doing so, you’ll make the event of boarding much less stressful.

All pet parents want to know their pup is safe while away at dog boarding. If you’re a Dogtopia client, you can rest assured that we prioritize your dogs safety above all else. Our trained staff monitor their open play dog daycare time & will accommodate your pup’s special needs. Additionally, all dogs allowed into our facility, daycare clients and dog kennel clients alike, pass a rigorous evaluation and vaccination check to ensure the safety of all doggy attendees. We know you’ll be impressed by how thorough and smart our safety protocol is, and we invite you to come to tour our facility to see it implemented first hand.

Something average dog kennels gloss over is how they make your dog comfortable. Dogs can get exceptionally stressed when staying away from home, leaving all the

dog kennel utica mi
Our dog boarding clients get tuckered out during their day of play!

comforts of their bed and toys behind.  Not to mention how confusing and anxiety inducing it is to be away from their family!  Stress is just as bad for dogs as it is for people, and concerned pet parents should aim to make their dog boarding experience as stress free as possible. At Dogtopia, because we allow you to bring your pup’s toys and bed, they will have that little slice of home to keep their life consistent. Even better, if you introduce your pup to us BEFORE going away for an extended trip, they’ll become familiar with our staff and our regular dog daycare clients and start considering us ‘family’ too! This is by far the best way to ease your dog into the transition of staying overnight and for a long period away from home. We highly recommend you get your dog started with a few days of dog daycare at least a week before you need dog boarding.

dog boarding dog kennel services in utica mi
One of our happy dog boarding dog kennel clients in Utica MI!

Our dog kennel is unlike those old facilities you may have experienced in the past. There’s no concrete run, no frustrating lack of contact between dogs, no lack of stimulation – instead, our pups PLAY! We recreate the home experience by allowing the dogs to exercise and get outside time during the day, and at night they’re crated just like they would be at home. You’ll love the comfort of knowing your best furry friend is safe and happy while you’re traveling, no matter for how long.

Thinking you might need dog boarding this holiday season?  Come in for a meet & greet and buy a package of dog daycare sessions to get your pup used to the Dogtopia experience!  Read our reviews on Google and you’ll see that dogs and pet parents alike LOVE Dogtopia of Utica!