puppy socialization utica mi

Congratulations on your new puppy!  After ensuring you have food, a bed, leash/collar etc, you’ll want to start thinking about your future together and how to make your pup’s life the best. When thinking of things to do to improve your puppy’s life, puppy socialization should be high on the list.  Puppy socialization helps your new bff learn more about the world around them while developing the skills to be the best dog they can be.

There are several ways to socialize your puppy, including:

  • Through puppy training classes
  • Free play time at dog parks
  • Scheduled socialization time with friends/family
  • Taking them with you to new places around town
  • Through doggy day care / puppy day care!
puppy socialization utica mi
Look at that smile! Puppy socialization is fun at Dogtopia.

All of the above have distinct reasons to consider them for your puppy socialization efforts. Training classes for your puppy help you bond, and teach you how to effectively communicate to your new pup. It’s an essential thing to do, both to teach your puppy simple skills like sit, lay, and stay, as well as recall (something crucial to ensure your puppy will come back to you if they slip their lead!). Puppy training classes let your pup see new people and dogs in a controlled environment, which greatly adds to their socialization.

Dog parks are fun way to get your puppy exercised and allow them to socialize with dogs in an open play environment. There aren’t many dog parks nearby our location, but we’ve heard that the Clinton Township dog park is a fun one.  The only concern with dog parks is that you never know the temperament of the dogs playing there until AFTER your pup has already headed into the mix.

Meeting family and friends is a ‘must do’ for your puppy. Watch them around young children, as neither your pup nor the child may know the correct way to interact.  As your puppy sees your friends and family more often, they’ll soon accept them as part of their ‘pack’.

Getting your puppy used to new experiences is part of the socialization process, and is effectively achieved by taking your pup to new places.  Partridge Creek Mall is dog friendly and is a great place to take

puppy socialization in utica mi
Puppies love being in our open play doggy day care environment!

your little one- they’ll get used to seeing loads of people, smelling new scents, and hearing new sounds. Start out with short visits so as not to overwhelm your puppy!

Doggy day care / puppy day care is great alternative to dog parks for open play socialization for your puppy.  The supervised environment of doggy day care at Dogtopia allows you pup to romp and play under the watchful eyes of our room attendants, all of whom have a background in managing multiple dogs and understanding dog behavior. It’s a convenient option for pet parents as it allows you to drop of your puppy, let them play all day, and then pick them up after you leave work for the day. With our puppy boarding option, your pup can even spend the night!

If you have a new puppy in your life, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to schedule a tour and learn about the requirements and benefits of our doggy day care. Call us at (586) 413-9500 to set up a time to stop by.