puppy boarding in utica mi

Boarding your puppy in Utica, MI: Everything you need to know to enjoy worry free puppy boarding.

When you first bring your puppy home, the absolute last thing you’ll likely be thinking about is leaving them for any length of time.  However, it’s crucial to have a plan in mind for those instances when puppy boarding becomes a necessity.  The good news is that Dogtopia, your local friendly doggy day care, is able to accept puppies for boarding!

Puppy Boarding in Utica, MI: The Basics

Boarding your puppy doesn’t mean you have to settle for some dingy kennel, or a loud scary place like the metal crates often used at veterinary offices.  Your puppy can get the benefit of world class doggy day care while staying for overnight boarding at any of our Dogtopia locations.  At such an early stage in social skill building, Dogtopia is the smart choice for boarding your puppy due to our ability to socialize them safely while you’re away.

Before you even decide to board your puppy, you need to cover your basics.  Here’s a helpful list below:

  1. Get vaccinated.  You veterinarian will need to ensure that your pup has had all their vaccinations prior to boarding.  For the health of your pup and all of our doggy guests, you MUST be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella
  2. Your pup should be over 3 months of age
  3. If your puppy is over 7 months of age, they MUST be spayed or neutered (nobody wants puppies having puppies!!)
  4. You’ll need to review your pup’s health history with most dog boarding kennels, and those pups who have had a communicable disease in the past 30 days are not allowed at Dogtopia

    puppy boarding and doggy daycare in utica mi
    Happy puppies sleep at the end of the day after playing, unlike boarding kennels that leave them crated the majority of the day and unable to burn off excess energy.
  5. Flea & tick preventative:  nobody likes bugs (except maybe entomologists!).  Your pup needs to have their monthly preventative in order to play & stay at Dogtopia.
  6. You will need to attend a Meet & Greet, which is a thorough evaluation of your puppy to see if they would enjoy our open play doggy day care.

With all of the above being necessary before boarding your puppy, it’s no wonder we recommend coming in for a Meet & Greet with your pup early on, BEFORE you have a need for boarding.  Once you’re established as a client of ours, we’re able to get your pup into boarding with ease.

Benefits of Boarding Your Puppy At Dogtopia

Puppies boarded at our facilities enjoy a full day of play that will burn off all that excess puppy energy. They will be tired and happy when they go to bed at night. Most importantly, their play time will help to alleviate any anxiety and stress from being separated from their parents, as well as provide crucial socialization for them.

Your pup will sleep in home-style dog crates in the same room they were playing in earlier so they feel safe and comfortable. Our highly trained team go out of their way to make sure that your family member will eat and drink well plus stay regular. Your dog’s safety during their stay is our paramount concern.  In addition, we encourage you to bring your pup’s own bedding and food. If you forget, we provide food, bedding and treats at no extra cost. We will also accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have.

Make time to stop in and see our fabulous location in Utica! See the map below for details.
puppy boarding in utica mi